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Honda Trail Bikes

Africa Twin

For discussion on the Honda Africa Twin XRV650 and XRV750 trail bikes.
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For discussion on the Honda Transalp XL600V, XL650V and XL700V trail bikes.
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For discussion on the Honda Varadero XL1000V and XL125V
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Crossrunner / Crosstourer

For discussion on the new Honda Crossrunner and Crosstourer VFR800X adventure bike.
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Dominator / FMX

For discussion on the Honda Dominator NX650 as well as the SLR, FMX and Vigor.
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For discussion on the Honda XR range of bikes, such as the XR250, XR400 and XR650.
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For discussion on the Honda XL range of bikes, such as the XL100, XL125, XL175, XL185, XL200, XL250, XL350, XL500 and XL600.
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CRF - New Forum!

For discussion on the Honda CR and CRF range such as the CRF50, CRF150, CRF230, CRF250, CRF450 bikes.
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Mechanical Advice

For advice on non model-specific bike stuff or procedures.
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General Bike Stuff


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For discussion on insurance related matters, claims, quotes, am I covered for this, etc...
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For discussion on photography related matters, kit, cameras, video cameras, shooting tips, etc...
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Ride Reports and Pictures

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Meet Ups / Rideouts

A place to discuss and arrange any meetings or rideouts.
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National Meets

A place to discuss the finer detail of any XRV official meets.
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Great Roads/Routes

A place to post that fantastic route or road that you've discovered. Go on share it with everyone.
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Competitions / Trials

A place to post up and discuss details of Competitions and Trials.
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Bike Tech

Product Reviews

A place to put reviews of products that bolt on to or use with your motorbike.
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For discussion on jackets, trousers, boots, gloves and anything else clothing related...
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For discussion on anything helmet related, visors, cleaning, etc...
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Bike Comms & Audio

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Wheels, Tyres & Tubes

For discussion on anything wheel, tyre or tube related inc. changing tyres and repairing punctures...
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For discussion on anything bike tool related...
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Bodgers Corner

A place to show off your 'home made' kit that bolts on to or use with your motorbike.
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Other Stuff

Mini XRVs

A special forum purely for the younger ones to hang out.
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Honda Trail Bike Site Issue Forum

Post any questions, concerns, and issues you are having with the site that need to be resolved.
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A place for those jokes that you need to share with your on-line buddies. Caution may be midly offensive. Not suitable for children.
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Bike Mart

For Sale / Wanted

Post your items for Sale and Wanted. Items will be automatically deleted after 30 days.
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Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites

A place to recommend dealers, places that provide a service or campsites. Have you found somewhere that gives top notch service, a place that has that rare part, or a great campsite. If so tell the rest of us!
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Discounts / Deals

Discounts and deals offered to members of this forum. You must be subscribed and logged in to see this forum.
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Vendor Deals

A place for sponsors to post special deals offered to members.
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Gear, apparel, and parts
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Forum Support

XRV site support & help

If you have any problems with any aspect of the site then post them here. This is where the helpful people are.
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