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  1. Varadero
    Hi, my Varadero as 115000kms on the odo and planing to make a 3200kms trip on it. Since I donno is history and by your experience what parts should I replace to garantie a safe journey? - Fuel pump - Manual cct - regulator thanks
  2. Africa Twin
    Always lusted after the AT since I got my test. Been through the CBR6/900, YZF750, GS 1150/1200 Tenere thing and seriously looking for nice basic AT. Does the one at BM Keighley look too good to be true? Advice please on best marque/age and on faults to look for? What cost to replace output...
  3. Transalp
    Just spotted this on fleebay. If Motad are dropping their 600 Transalp downpipes it might be worth acting fast: Transalp 600 Honda downpipes and collector stainless steel from Motad | eBay
  4. Chatter
    anyone knows of one I can take out for a spin around London somewhere pls...? just need to put my mind at rest re:comfort.....
  5. Mechanical Advice
    I'm looking for a new battery for the R45 and a search on the interweb brings up this on ebay BMW R45/65/ R850/1100/1150 Sealed 12v 22ahr Battery | eBay However I also see what appears to be exactly the same battery for golf cart and wheelchair use at less than half the price 12V 22AH...
  6. Riding
    Took fathers 1150gs for MOT today, god you don't realise how good the Varadero's lights wind protection and riding position is until you ride one of these things. I think it's been about 12mths since i rode it last
  7. Varadero
    How does varadero stack up against bmw's ?????????? has it same ability off road and on , also what sort of miles will they do :confused:
  8. BMW
    Went for a ride and a little rough roads and blew a seal on my suspension stanchions. Has any one changed these before?:D
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    Wont put it all up on here as you can read it Its going as this winter has beaten me down. Im completely arsed off with only having a bike to get about, for the simple things like popping to a mates, going to the shop, nipping down the bank...
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    If anybodies looking for a GSa this one is a bargain
  11. BMW
    Well, the GS came pretty much fully specced as I would have liked it, but my first purchase was as set of Tobinators as the airflow seems to be catching me square in the face. Upon fitting them, and at about "Step 2" in the Tobinator instructions I spotted a problem...but I had to persevere to...
  12. BMW
    Where have you put yours? There's not a lot of room is there? :confused:
  13. Varadero
    I saw a post on fitting those to AT but not sure if they fit Vara too? Could someone give me an answer ? Cheers Lun
  14. Africa Twin
    I just bought myself a nice Christmas present :p This kit should fit my 98` @. They are HUGE :D Almost double size compared to the originals. Can´t wait to have them mounted. Did any of you have problems with mount on the original end bars?
  15. Africa Twin
    THIS IS AN UPDATE I NOW HAVE A BM AND AN AFRICA TWIN.....Lucky Me 9th August 2009 I have a dilema. :shock: I Have had a cherished a 33k RD07 AT for near three years. 'M'reg 1995 A GREEN ONE!. Its got all the Rematec alloy bits/Remus Titanium oval exhaust/givi luggage/tank bag and covers/flip...
  16. Africa Twin
    AT Comparison versus Varadero and BMW GS 1150 or Caponord Rally-Raid. Anyway is Cano so bad? I own a AT from 2000 and I love it
1-16 of 17 Results