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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Taken off my 1991 600V so will go straight on. Scruffy but sound £25 plus a fiver carriage or collect for free from Kendal Cumbria.. Now sold
  2. Transalp
    Anyone any suggestions please? Bloody embarrassing going through town. Cheers
  3. Transalp
    Hi Does any of you know, if i can put on a front mudguard from a Transalp on my RD04 1991? For styling reasons i would like to get rid of the plastic protectors on the frontfork. Best Dan
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi Yes it´s broken. And it seems like all other RD04 1991 have the same problem :-) Anyway is it impossible to find a new or used. My question: Is there another compatible footrest out there. Maybe from Transalp or what do i know. Very best Dan
  5. Africa Twin
    Hi I just bought a RD04 1991. It seems like all my fairings are made of fibreglass. Is that original? Best Dan
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, Looking for a pannier rack for a 1991 RD04 if anyone has one going. I'm based in Dublin, but can pay shipping of course. Thanks all, Dar
  7. What's it worth?
    Hi there New to the forum so please be gentle I have a 1991 XRV 750 RD04 AT sat in my garage awaiting some TLC but I'm now thinking of just selling her on as a non runner for spares or repair to clear some space. The only thing is I have no real idea what it's worth. She is an import with...
  8. Africa Twin
    Hi all will the front wheel from a rd07 1998 fit a rd04 1991 as I have just bought one on eBay from Greece I'm hopping it will as I need it for the mot next month
  9. XR
    Hello All. The bike i have is a 1991 Honda XLR250R, BAJA, MD22 For a while i have been looking for a exhaust for my XLR and cant find any sites that do them.. Will an exhaust from any other Honda fit my bike without modification? maybe the XR250 or xl200...? My bike is more or less original...
  10. Africa Twin
    Hey all, As the title suggests, although not a complete newbie to motorcycling (rode for 5 years but took the last 2 years off) I am looking to get back into it but now that I live in Bosnia, the selection is quite limited. Based upon multiple criteria (road conditions here, desire to do some...
  11. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all just thought I would introduce my self since I've been an africa twin nut for so long , My first big trail bike was a supertenere 750 bought new in 1989 and while travelling around Europe and seeing the honda africa twin's riding around I just had to have one ,I bought a 1991 model in...
  12. Africa Twin
    After a 30 year ‘rest’ from motor biking I bought a 1991 Africa Twin XRV 750 RD 04. Had not problems with in until staying in the Alps last year the bike suddenly started running very rich, with loss of power and difficult tick over. I wear an altimeter watch for trekking and eventually...
  13. Transalp
    Hi There I'm new owner of a 1991 XL600V, bike passed MOT few weeks ago and i purchased last week! last couple of days i started to find difficult to get into neutral, not to bad on cold engine but a real struggle as soon as the engine warm up, clutch lever seems fine. Any idea what cause the...
  14. Africa Twin
    ...that Honda have discontinued. Hopefully it's a new old stock part that Bike-Parts-Honda still have in stock, as Ling's just say "contact us" online, and Nick in the Ipswich branch tried to get me one, with no luck. David Silver's haven't got one, CMSNL also list as discontinued, so BPH were...
  15. Varadero
    Hi I usually lurk in the AT forum (RD04 ongoing resto) I am looking at changing bike 2 which is a Triumph Sprint ST, and have come across a high-ish mileage Vara - 05/55 plate with 44k on it. Now the AT I am restoring is about that, and is a 1991, with usual age related issues. Does 44k on...
  16. Africa Twin
    My bike didn't come with one, I saw it on the BPH fiche when looking and I wondered if it's cosmetic / only needed for riding thru the desert / vital for engine cooling... or a mix of those ;) 15-odd quid from Ling's - worth it, or not? Part 5 on the fiche: STEERING STEM - AFRICA TWIN 750...
  17. Africa Twin
    Hi all, just testing the water here, I have a clean 1991 RD04 Africa Twin, recent MOT and tax, RWB. 33k miles, decent riding bike. I'm unsure of a price, I was hoping around £1500 but open to offers. e-mail for pics if interested. I do have a guy locally interested but unsure if he has the...
  18. Africa Twin
    First of all, Hello - just registered having just inherited a 1991 RD04 AT. It will be a bit of a project for me - my Dads old bike and been lying for a few years, so plenty of time in the garage wielding the spanners! One thing I do need fairly sharp style is a front master cylinder for the...
  19. Transalp
    My Italian is, shall we say less than perfect, but if I understand the text enough, then this 1991 Transalp has got a new custom made rear subframe and the bodywork is made of fiberglass. I can imagine my self plotting around on twisty roads on a simillary scramblerized Transalp.
  20. Africa Twin
    Stumbled upon this on ebay. Sure looks just like a Mitsubishi clone to me. :p FUEL PUMP Honda XRV750 Africa Twin 1990-2003 1991 92 GAS UNIT ELECTRIC ASSEMBLY | eBay
1-20 of 252 Results