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  1. o7 crf 250r front end ..

    Africa Twin
    I have a crf 250 r front end complete wheel too i do need a caliper and m/cylinder but i am toying with the idea of an upgrade .I will wait until i have at least ridden my AT (which i have yet to do )but if any one has actual experience in this conversion i would be interested in hearing how it...
  2. XR 250R Value?

    I have an XR250R grey import registered in UK 2003 but on an M plate. Recent service and MOT the mechanic told me he believed that such bikes had gone up in value and that I should make sure I got what it was worth if I were to sell it. The bike has done 2300 miles on the odometer, I bought it...
  3. 1982 XL250R - Fuel Tank & other

    Hi Guys. I need some advice. I am starting a ground up restoration on a XL 250R. I received the whole bike in boxes and a half attempt at restoration. It is very difficult to ascertain whether the bike is complete and if I require parts are they readily available and where? One of my many...
  4. HONDA XL 250R 1986. MD11: Broken kickstart

    Hello All, This is a new member here to ask for advice. Sadly, am unable to offer advice as the bike is my son's and I've just started taking an interest. Hope that's OK. The kickstart broke recently and it seems difficult to find a replacement outside the USA and for big bucks. I don't have...
  5. For Sale: Honda XLR250R BAJA

    For Sale: 1991 Honda XLR 250R BAJA 250 The Original Kick Start Model. Built Proof Air Cooled Single Cylinder Engine. A Lot Of Work Done. In Original Condition. Full Service Less then 1000Km Ago. Heidenau K60 Scout Tyres Fitted 1000km Ago. Stored In Doors And Only Driven On Dry Would...
  6. Hot Cam

    Has anybody fitted a hot cam or a 250r cam in a 250L dual sport bike. I am told the jap import 250L has a softer cam in for emissions. I have contacted hot cams but they don't list the L version only the R. and not sure what year 250r cam will fit in my 2004 L. Thanks for any help
  7. Wanted: TTR 250R wanted or other small cylinder bike

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi- I already have a raid & need another one!...or similar style basic bike...possibly upto a 350CC Can anyone point me in the right direction...I have checked on Ebay and a TTR is for sale...but the chap forgot to mention its a non runner in the advert!:rolleyes: Regards rod
  8. 1985 XLX 250R advice Frame-MD08 Engine-MD08E

    Howdy lads and ladies I've picked up an 85 XL 250 which as far as I can make out is an XLX250R and seems to have been a model for Brazil, Oz, NZ and Japan but not sure. I'm struggling to find info on it and parts are very confusing. I did find one thread somewhere that suggested these were an...
  9. wanted xr250r rear wheel

    I'm after a rear wheel for my xr250l. This model has a cush drive and a very limited choice of rear sprockets. I'm therefore after a 250R rear wheel. My model is year 1992. Would anyone know if the later dry sump models shared the same rear wheel as the earlier disk brake 250's? Thanks.
  10. Front end needed

    Hi Guys.. i Have a Xl250s im needing a different front end so i can get a better brake an choice of tyres, please correct me if im wrong, im looking for xl125r 250r 500r mtx 125 or a yamaha dt125r front the disc an the 21 inch wheel will be better all round. in the meantime a good 23...
  11. I want to purchase a new bike

    Other Honda
    Now i want to purchase a new bike of hero honda which is having a sporty bikes and looks are also sporty. In my mind one sport bike name is there Honda CBR 250R STD. Is this bike is suits me and it is having some intrested technical features. Or you have to suggest another once
  12. For Sale: XR 250R 1998 Non Runner - Spares or Repair

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Just gauging interest in my 1998 XR 250R which has developed a gearbox or clutch problem. Have no facilities or ability to start stripping it down. Bike has not done many miles and with the exception of the gearbox is in good order and has an MOT. Good points are:- All plastics in good order...
  13. Wanted: Honda CRF 250R forks

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am lookig for a pair of USD forks with wheel spindle for my dommie project. I found some on ebay uk but the breakers are asking silly money to post them here to Denmark. There are loads in the states but import tax and postage makes em very expensive. I already have a 2004 yoke so they need to...
  14. Dominator exhaust headers

    Dominator / FMX
    I found these XR 600R/XR 650L exhaust headers on ebay and was wondering if anyone has tried them and are they worth putting onto my dommie. I want to mate it up to a CRF 250R middle Y piece and decide which silencers to go for as I can afford them, probably dunstall replica :rolleyes: I have...
  15. CRF USD forks

    CRF - New Forum!
    I have just fitted a 2004 CRF 250R triple tree /fork yokes onto my dommie flat tracker. The top yoke fork leg diameter is 52mm and the bottom is 57mm. Are the fork legs all the same size for different models of this bike or can I use other years? Any other make of bikes with the same size...
  16. Wanted: Xr 250R parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all I'm after a bulb holder for a xr250r 1996/7 I believe. Also the LHD switch gear for head light/horn control. Surrey based many thanks. 0773603356
  17. Dommie carb filter

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know the part number for an air filter for my RD02. I am getting rid of the airbox and buying a K+N type filter. I will be matching the carb up to a CRF 250R exhaust system I have bought so I will have to re-jet the carb. Any idea what size jets I should use as I will be buying a...
  18. advice on bore and stroking a 250x

    CRF - New Forum!
  19. Honda XR 250L XR 250R EXHAUST QUESTION

    Will a xr 250L exhaust fit a Honda xr 250R . I only want the bit from the join . Mine has rusted away and im interested in a White exhaust which is only available for the xr 250L . Many thanks :)
  20. Road To Dirt Newbie

    Hi all , just signed up to this forum having just bought a 1991 xr 250r. I have had a few years on a R6 and fancied a change, Bought the bike 3 months ago and just getting round to getting her road worthy. wondering if you could answer me if you could answer me a few questions. 1. I have...