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  1. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Fazer 600 2000 w 33bhp kit fitted in silver 23,500 good condition carbon hugger, heated grips,stainless rad guard new front tyre 100 miles ago Micron can tax and test would be interested in swap trade for dr 350 drz 400 or similar £1500 ono :thumbup:
  2. Riding
    What's the chances of getting caught unless you get caught doing 100mph+ on motorway?
  3. Riding
    One of the RD lads wants to do the stelvio this summer, his wife wants to go as well but is only ona 33bhp restricted licence, does anyone know of anyone problems with riding in europe on tis type of licence? Moon? Philinfrance? please Merv
  4. Africa Twin
    After getting my F650 killed by a blind BMW driver last weekend:cussing: I'm on the hunt for a new bike. I only passed my A2 test last December so I'm still stuck with my 33BHP restriction:( I've always liked ATs but has anyone got any experience of restricting one to 33BHP?
  5. Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I Recently purchased an FMX but need to restrict it to 33bhp. Does anyone have a restrictor kit for sale? I am not interested in any paperwork as I don't believe this is actually required by law. Has anyone just limited the throttle opening? if so how. I could then just get a dyno print...
  6. Mechanical Advice
    My son has now got his much coveted Honda 250 Hornet. I have to say I am impressed by it - build quality, looks, sounds all pretty damm good. Anyway the dealer wanted near enough £200 to derestrict it. I thought big con, so took it without the restrictor after my son came up with the wheeze...
  7. Transalp
    Hello there. Im currently an XL125V rider who wants to move up to a XL650V within the next 2 months, only problem is my 33bhp restriction has a year to run yet. So I was thinking if I was to get a 33bhp restrictor kit fittied to an 'alp, would it still be a good grunty bike to ride? Also...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    My son has passed his bike test and is KEEN to get something a bit quicker and sexier than his Honda 125 City Fly - which is for sale if anyone is interested. Anyway he has his heart set on a CB250 Hornet and is begging me to take him all over the country to look at them. I am sure he would buy...
  9. Transalp
    Hi, I've just bought a 2001 XL650V Transalp and having just passed my test need a 33bhp restrictor kit for it. The dealerships seem to be on a scam, as they want to charge a small fortune for a certificate that is not required by law, proving that the kit has been fitted ! :mad: If anyone...
  10. Transalp
    I'm in the process of buying (privately) a 2001 650 with restrictors fitted to keep it below 33bhp. Does anyone know what form these restrictors take and how to go about removing them? I haven't ridden a bike with as little as 33bhp for over 15 years and don't want to have to do so for more...
  11. Transalp
    Hi My missus has just passed her test and requires a 33bhp restrictor kit for her 1993 XL600V Transalp. New they are a bit expensive. Has anyone got one lying around the garage? I would then get a dealer to fit and certify it. Ta, Chris
1-11 of 11 Results