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  1. For Sale: xr400 oil cooler for sale excellent condition

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale xr 400 oil cooler i great condition pix available this is just the cooler i do not have the oil feed pipes sensible offers
  2. XR400 starting/running problems

    Hi all, I recently rescued an XR400 from an ISO where is has been rotting away for the last 10 years. I have given it an almost complete overhaul, including taking the carb off and giving it what I thought was a good clean. It is really hard to get started, and only seems to work when I hold...
  3. Wanted: Wanted : Vigor or SLR

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Everyone, I have just joined the site after deciding on trying to get hold of a Vigor or SLR. I binned my Firestorm a couple of years ago, suffering some injuries. Not wanting to give up biking I purchased a little FZR 400 (600). I am finding the style of bike to painful to ride and wish to...
  4. Dakar Honda

    Other Honda
  5. Use AT on ebay for £4,800 - price?

    Africa Twin
    leojux | eBay is this a fair price? low miles, but it cannot be verified as it was registered abroad
  6. xr 400 oil level ,

    is the oil supposed to spit out when you rev the bollox of it when the filler cap is off ?? mine doesn't , does this mean oil pump renewal ?? before I rev it to death ???
  7. Another one - Woohoo!

    Dominator / FMX
    Happy as Larry, I've just scooped another Vigor. Only 14000 miles on it and ready to roll. You know what they say - "there's only one thing better than having two Vigors and that's having three Vigors!" :happy6:
  8. Wanted: XR 400 Oil Cooler assembly

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Folks I am in need of an XR 400 oil cooler assembly or part. Any condition considered Thanks
  9. For Sale: Honda xr250r-y Tyneside

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Good used condition. Located Tyneside £1400 ono Full ad with pics on Gumtree - sorry don't know how to do links
  10. Wanted

    Wanted xr 250 or 400 engine complete.
  11. For Sale: xr 400 forks

    For Sale / Wanted
    these are in vgc , straight with no rust or pitting , not sure what year 1998 i think £80 ono
  12. Body xr 400

    Looking for subframe and seat and rear plastic for updating my xrv 750 to a mutant enduro :-)
  13. xr 250 / 400 shock

    hi Are the shocks interchangeable for the 2000+/- models? I've got the 250 and there's a spare 400 one on handlers'tree for £35, or is it wiser to do the rebuild? Chris
  14. MaltaPark 400

    1992 TA 400 €1,775.00c
  15. Honda 400 four ?

    Other Bikes
    Help please honda 400 four. Guys got a problem the kick start won't engage the gear , any ideas how you fix that ,oh knowledgeable ones. If you guys don't know then know one does.
  16. Would these footpegs fit an A/T?

    Africa Twin
    I've been looking for some wider footpegs for my A/T and stumbled across these, FootPegs Foot Pegs Honda CR 80 XR 250 350 400 600 650 | eBay, do you reckon those will fit an A/T?
  17. xr250/400 swingarm dimensions

    Hi, can anyone give me the the dimensions for a rear disc brake swingarm for xr250/400...i am looking for the distance from pivot to axle and the width of the swingarm at the pivot where it fits into frame as i am looking to convert my xl500s to rear disc. cheers
  18. Honda XR 400 Swinging Arm

    Hi All Anyone got one of the above a friend of mine is after one, if you have give him a txt with a price and details call Kev on 07969013190
  19. Does yours make noises between 3k-4k revs?

    I dunno if it's because I can now hear the engine since the screen mod, but my bike seems to 'howl' between 3-4000rpm. Seems to be drive train noise... At what revs is your bike happiest?
  20. XR 400 o1 suspension

    Anyone have recomendations re the suspension on my XR400,needs to be on the cheap side as this is one of three bikes(and tbh the other 2 take priority) Thinking maybe replacing the fluid in the forks and maybe just re-gassing the rear(i take it it is gas,but unsure of what?) Any help would be...