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  1. XL500 R Carb?

    Hello, im new to the forum and had a question about a bike i started rebuilding, the bike is a XL500 R Paris-dakar edition (1983 i think?) when i got the bike it was in regular condition, not running as some parts where missing, unluckily the carburetor is one of them. After checking around the...
  2. Transalp 600 replacement?

    Continuing the discussion about what bike can replace the TA 600, I spotted this. I quite like the look of it, and there seems to be a new interest from manufacturers in the 300cc-500cc range. I think they have realised that there are some people who don't want a 220kg adventure bike, nor a...
  3. NX500 to NX650 or more

    Dominator / FMX
    Hey all! I have been toying with an idea of making myself a tracker out of a Dominator. Unfortunately 650 Dominators around my parts are rare and expensive. On the other hand a 500cc Dominators are all over, with prices being more than half cheaper than of the 650. Now here is the big...
  4. A2 compliant for lanky lad

    Other Bikes
    Charlie is hoping to do his A2 bike training and test shortly after passing his Theory last week. Now come the fun part, choosing the Bike... I am happy for him to bimble about on my NX400 for a while, but at 30hp, it's not going to set the roads alight (possibly a good thing!) and if I can get...
  5. What would you buy?

    I have just got rid of my Kawasaki Zephyr 500 and I am looking for my next bike. I have several bikes in mind and am looking for suggestions in the 500cc to 600cc single or twin. The bikes on my list are. Honda XL500/600R Honda XBR500....................cant afford the GB500 clubman. NTV 650...
  6. 6 speed Afrca Twin?

    Africa Twin
    The Africa twin motors were derived from the 500cc VT motors, as used in the Ascot VT500 and the Custom VT500C. Those bikes have a 6 speed transmission. HAs anyone checked if the transmission shafts and gears could be fitted into an AT casing?
  7. CB500x - Lets ride

    Other Honda
    Today I finally got the chance to take this new little run-around for a test ride. Nearest Honda dealer to me is some 75 miles away in Aberdeen, so with an eye on the weather throughout the preceding week, I ventured east on my first free Saturday (free now that the shooting season is over)...
  8. Sold: Honda 1984 VT500F Ascot tracker in Harley colours

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Honda 1984 VT500F Ascot tracker in Harley colours SOLD An original Honda 1984 VT500F Ascot, US market machine painted in Harley racing colours of orange/white/black. The machine is a 500cc stagger crank V twin (ancestor to TA, AT, XLV) with 6 speed gearbox and shaft drive. A flat track...
  9. Honda V's meet the Vulcan bomber | 13 May 2013

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Never, has so much been been owed by so many, to so few...:D Left to Right: Honda Ascot (500cc v-twin), RD07, RD04, RD07a, Crosstourer, RD07, RD07a, Transalp 650, Varadero, Transalp 650
  10. African Exploration Club needs to pick YOUR brains!

    Africa Twin
    its been a while i know:mrgreen:but hey guys, TIA, This Is Africa! since my last postings i'f traversed Africa west-east-east-west four times on my trusty Twin. Solo mostly, and once with the GF on the back. Still without a hickup and purring along nicely (thats not the GF im refering to..)...
  11. Hey Boris, guess what?

    Went to Glasgow today to meet up with a few ABR guys and have a look at Gino's bike collection. Low and behold, hiding at the back of the room was yet another Moto-Guzzi 500cc single!! Never seen one in my life before June this year and now the total is 3. :icon_smile: Andy.
  12. Hi i,m new in ireland and need help

    Africa Twin
    hi all great forum happy i found ya i have a 94 African Twin 7500cc mint battery dead thanks all AD:( MOD EDIT:-As a non subscribed member you're not allowed to post for sale /wanted items. Have a look at this post
  13. For Sale: Books, for Christmas? mostly motorcycle and a few car books

    For Sale / Wanted
    A book clear out ready for Christmas Most motorcycle a few old car books Prices do not include post, books can be collected from home- Dursley, Gloucestershire Royal Enfield motorcycle Made like a Gun by Hartley history 1981 first edition £20 The Story of Royal Enfield Motor Cycles : 'Made...
  14. For Sale: 500cc 2 stroke rotax buggy forsale - like honda pilot - or swap for xr400/x650

    For Sale / Wanted
    Sorry if this isnt the right place for this, I'm looking to get a new (to me) xr400 or 650 to take down to morocco which means my buggy is upforsale. Similar to a honda pilot but with a heap more hp. Looking for 2500 cash for it. Or some sort of deal on an XR (even better if it's expedition...
  15. Sold: Royal enfield bullet & sidecar

    For Sale / Wanted this is a bit of a long shot, but here goes: Metallic Red 2003 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet 'Sixty-5' with colour-matched period 'Avon' fairing and fully restored 1960s Watsonian-Squire 'Monza' sidecar. Low mileage. 5-speed gearbox gives greater flexibility than 4-speed for sidecar...
  16. British motorcycle sales are a Triumph

    British motorcycle maker Triumph sold more big motorbikes (over 500cc) than any other manufacturer in the UK last year, according to figures from the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI). During 2010 The Hinckley based manufacturer sold 7,562 bikes, an increase of 1.5% on the previous year...
  17. xr 500re engine help

    Hello this is my first post on this site so hello to everyone. im after some advice about some engine parts on my bike, firstly the bike is a 1984 xr500re fitted with a 500cc rfvc engine i seem to have found that these are extremely rare in the uk and i think it may have been imported from...
  18. A triple of nice ones

    Other Bikes Autotrader. This T reg looks tidy: HONDA AFRICA TWIN XRV750-T Any This one is clean too: HONDA XLR 500cc And now, the last one, and I could consider changing my own @ for a simillary example, all though that would be a bit crazy HONDA XR 650cc
  19. Just Bought an XL500

    Hi Everyone, My name is Mark and I just bought an XL500. (Blimey, that sounded like an Alcoholics Anonymous greeting - or so they tell me anyway!!!). So, the bike is an import - the V5 says imported in 2000, declared manufactured 1982. However, the V5 has no model name on at all, just Honda...
  20. Magwa's latest winter project

    Other Bikes
    Having sold the AT for something a little different to play in the mud I bought this! Circa 1983/5 Armstrong/ CCM 500cc rotax engined enduro Needs a little fettling! Needs registering......dooh Watch this space....................... Another project/ recommision in this case...