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  1. 600 rebuild story

    interesting thread:
  2. For Sale: 600 front wheel for sale.

    For Sale / Wanted
  3. Transalp 600 parts for sale.

  4. Pannier Racks for early 600s

    Does anyone know if pannier racks for later models ( like this one ) will work on my ‘89 600? thanks!
  5. Wanted: 600 Transalp

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Found a bike now thanks.
  6. PD06 vs PD10 Carb Feed pipe

    I have a PD10 TA 600 with the helmholtz resonator but I also have the carb feed pipe off a PD06 without it, which one should I fit? Is it likely for emissions/economy/performance or to take a tone out of the exhaust note?
  7. For Sale: Givi Wingracks for 600V

    For Sale / Wanted
    Taken off my 1991 600V so will go straight on. Scruffy but sound £25 plus a fiver carriage or collect for free from Kendal Cumbria.. Now sold
  8. 600 oil pressure switch wanted

    any idea where one can get one from for a reasonable price?. or better still anyone know the thread size, so i can look into a gauge kit.
  9. Wanted: Wanted cheap project bike transalp 600

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a cheap project/spares repair type bike. Engine not important but the more complete it is the better.
  10. 600 Sidestand

    Quick question,,,,,,,,,,, my 600 TA will roll forwards and allow the sidestand to fold up on the slightest of downhill slopes, should the stand lock in place somehow? or do I just have to remember to park her in gear?
  11. Xr oversize fuel tank

    Looking for oversize tank for Honda xr 250 ,600 any thing considered thanks Dave
  12. XL 600 LMF 1985 Twin Headlight Needed

    Hello, Does anyone have a spare Twin Headlight for the LMF they would be willing to sell? Thank you Luke
  13. The 600 Transalp Ebay/Gumtree thread...PART TWO

    The 600 Transalp Ebay/Gumtree thread... Following on from this thread: This is PART TWO
  14. Transalp OEM Toolkit for sale

    From a 650, but also fits a 600, and probably a 700 too excellent condition £27 posted
  15. Centre Stand for sale

    Fits 600 or 650. And probably fits 700 too. Excellent condition, with all the bits £50 posted
  16. crf 450 monoshock on XR 600 1995?

    Hi! Does anyone know if the crf 450 monoshock will fit in my XR 600 1995? I can get one used at a very good price and I would like to put it. Thanks!
  17. 600 carb diaphragm part number does anyone know the honda part number?

    I need some, and have found a cheep source. But need the original part number. does anyone know it?. I have searched online but with no luck.
  18. Has anyone got any spare handguards?

    I am looking for some 650 handguards (or 600/700 ones if they also fit a 650?) Does anyone here have any they don't need?
  19. 600 crash bars for sale (uk)

  20. Transalp 600 tips/tricks/info/advice document

    Useful document here: