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  1. For Sale: XR 600R 1985-87 twin carburettors

    For Sale / Wanted
  2. Will XR600 fit on NX650 chassi?

    Dominator / FMX
    If I have a complete XR600 and want to build this up on a NX650 chassi, will it fit? The reason for asking is that vI have a road legal NX 650 chassi and a non road legal complete XR 600R. The NX is in bad shape and will cost a lot to repair. Dan
  3. XL600r tyre choice

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    So i have just bought an 83 600r (yay) with well worn knobblies... My question is,would Anakee 2's be suitable?...i'm confused about whether i can use tubeless tyres on my tubed rims... Help....getting so confused! Cheers PS.Long time since iv'e been on this site and it still rocks!
  4. XL 600R Tacho Cable

    Hi Folks I have an oil leak from where the tacho cable enters the cyclinder head cover, I was wondering if there should be a rubber O ring os something? Anyone any ideas? Cheers in advance
  5. hee hee, cheap pivotpegz xr, xrv, transalp

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    MK3 WIDE PIVOT PEGZ FOR HONDA XR 600R 650R 600 650 R PEGS 1988-2008 PIVOTPEGZ | eBay £50 cheaper than other outlets PP-18-MK3 fit many year xr's 250's,400's, 600 & 650's all africa twins :toothy10::blob7::happy6: & transalps 600 & 650's.
  6. Xl 600r to transalp engine

    can anyone tell me if you can get the kickstart from the old xl 600 engine to fit the transalp engine as i would like to retain the kickstart? cheers Pete
  7. XR 600R from the scrap heap

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi i have just recsued a XR 600R from the dump as yet i have no idea what year it is, or where to get spare parts for it. Having only just joined this group i have no idea how to post pictures of it.
  8. Help needed with the XR 600r

    Hi all i,ve got a rather sick 97 xr600 at the mo now the story starts with it being tipped over in a rather large puddle it did run afterwards with a bit of coaxing.i took it home and drained it out cleaned carb,air filter and so on then didnt use it for 2 months or so. then wanted to go for a...
  9. Dommie engine for a 600R?

    Rather than go down the big bore route for my XR,I was mooting a swap for a Dommie lump. Anyone done this,and is it worth it? Its just that the power outputs I've seen,seems to suggest that the R is pushing out more power,even though its loosing 50cc. Am I right in thinking it's the same lump as...
  10. XL 600R money pit ?

    Other Bikes
    I've got a 600 trail bought recently without a battery, when I got it home and checked the voltage there's only about 8 volts output from the alternator and when revved the voltage drops to about 6volts.I've measured the resistence of the alternator windings and they're just about within...