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  1. Transalp tire swap with Africa Twin

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Hi. My current back tire on my transalp 600v 1998 (Back: 120/90-17 m/c 64s) is more then dead, but i have some new tires sitting on my Africa twin 650 1988, (my father told me they are 140/80 R17, no idea how the naming system works.) I guess if they fit, it would be a slimmer tire, but would it...
  2. For Sale: Givi Wingracks for 600V

    For Sale / Wanted
    Taken off my 1991 600V so will go straight on. Scruffy but sound £25 plus a fiver carriage or collect for free from Kendal Cumbria.. Now sold
  3. 1991 Tranny 600V spits back badly on overrun

    Anyone any suggestions please? Bloody embarrassing going through town. Cheers
  4. 600 fairing panels for sale

    spotted on ebay....
  5. Motad crash bars on fleabay...

    Transalp Spotted these for auction. They are made by Motad by the looks of them....same style as the ones fitted to the 600 that was robbed a while back and mentioned on here. I'm not in any way...
  6. 600v cdi wanted

    hi all ive bought a 1994 transalp a few months ago but i don't really like so decided to sell ive changed the oil and oil filter new spark plugs and put new clutch plates and chain and sprockets all was going good but went out yesterday and the rev counter stopped working and lost power ...
  7. front cowl compatibility

    Hi I have just bought a 1987 XL 600V Transalp. It is in a bit of a mess. I have bought it as a project to restore as best I can. One first (of many) question. The front cowl/fairing on my one has been cut away to accommodate a different headlight and I want to find a replacement one. I have...
  8. Does anyone have any panniers for sale?

    Hey, first post here so go easy :lol: I'm looking for panniers and frame for my Transalp 600V. Just thought I'd check if anyone has any spare/old ones for sale?
  9. low-ish miles Alp on ebay

    HONDA TRANSALP 600V 1988 WHITE | eBay full luggage, 34,000 miles interesting....
  10. low miles 600 on ebay

    HONDA TRANSALP 600V 1996 | eBay
  11. two more 600s for sale on gumtree...

    not bad prices.. Honda transalp 600v. F reg. New mot. | United Kingdom | Gumtree Honda transalp | United Kingdom | Gumtree
  12. 600

    Get bidding all you 600 fanatics
  13. More TA 600 alps on ebay....

    three 600s have just appeared for anyone interested: honda transalp 600 | eBay 1989 HONDA TRANSALP 600V-J WHITE | eBay Honda transalp 600 tourer motorcycle | eBay (NOW SOLD)
  14. Wind noise

    Not had my TA (600v) long and it's my first "big" bike since passing my test. I just wanted to ask you lads or lasses about the wind noise you get off your TA, do you not get any or do you get loads? I get loads off it, so much so I took off then screen to see what it's like. Although the...
  15. Hello and help!

    Hello everyone, Long time Transalp fan and in need of your help and knowledge. I own a rather shabby-looking Transalp 600v. It is the 50th Anniversary edition and I need to buy some replacement panels and a seat. Does anyone know where I could go fo these? Thanks Dave
  16. Spare ignition key

    Bent my second key when fitting the bagster and key in tanklid ... Where can I get a new basis key for cutting. The ones on eBay look to short for my Transalp 600v r 1995.
  17. For Sale: Honda xl 600v Transalp many extras, full Givi kit

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    eBay item number:161209150766 It really is a reluctant sale:( ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
  18. transalp 600 flat tracker anyone ? e bay uk

    what do ya think ? HONDA XL 600V TRANSALP FLAT TRACKER CUSTOM V TWIN | eBay
  19. Mudguard

    Hi there, I have a 600V transalp and looking for a raised front mudguard. Does anyone know where I could get one or have one for sale perhaps??
  20. For Sale: Transalp 600v for sale on E-Bay (TTB5 Pete)

    eBay - Transalp
    Hi All TTB5 Pete has is old Transalp for sale on E-Bay Cracking bike. So Take A look Item No:111089763131 Start Price £750