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650 transalp

  1. Is the 125 Vara really a TA?

    Looks more like the 650 Transalp than the 1000 Varadero, so is it really a Transalp then ?????
  2. fitted chain and sprockets - but is it right?

    Last couple of evenings have been spent changing chain and sprockets butnot without problems and a couple of questions I could do with advice on.... First got a genuine C&S set from David Silver for £65 + VAT and delivery. Good start. Local bike man said he wouldn't fit parts he hadn't...
  3. Which bike really beats the Africa Twin?

    The following are some thoughts gleaned over nearly 30 years of near constant motorcycling. I have had nearly every sportsbike going Suzuki GSXR750, Kawasaki ZZR1100, Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP RU, Honda Fireblade, Ducati 916SPS, Yamaha R1, Honda SP1. I have had some full on tourers Honda ST1100 Pan...
  4. Knock knock

    Africa Twin
    I finally isolated where the noise is coming from on my AT this morning. It's coming from the nearside of the top end of the front cylinder, and the sound is a rhythmic knock. I'm assuming I have lateral play on the cam, though I haven't yet tried the trick where you listen to see if the sound...
  5. Breaker selling parts on Ebay in UK for 650 Transalp

    If you're in need of Transalp 650 bits, either for spares or to fix a bike, found this on ebay #8011360303 Seller name is t955ibigal Anyone out there have any dealings with this fella ? Seems he has a good ebay history, answers emails reasonably promptly. dunno about quality of parts but had...
  6. uncomfortable seat

    I still feel that the seat on my 650 Transalp is an instrument of tourture. As such I would like to fit a different seat to see if it makes life more bearable. To that end has anybody got a damaged seat that they would sell me? I can then get it recovered with different foam and see if that is...
  7. new AT boy in town, thanks to john

    Africa Twin
    hey guys, i've been the proud owner of a '99 AT for the last 4 months, 10k miles but i had truble registering on this site but now john sorted me out so thanks john, much appreciated! very happy with bike, much better than the 650 transalp i used to have but maybe a bit more agricultural. so...
  8. returning to a transalp

    hi, just joined!!!! :cheers: just bought a new 04 650 transalp. I got a good deal from local dealer. its a black one (they're quicker) its got panniers, top box, heated grips, taller screen,scotoiler, datatag, and a centre stand. I paid £5150, this includes 2 years free servicing (unlimited...
  9. 650 Transalp Lowering Links - where ? Anyone bought ?

    Got a case of short leg syndrome - heard ( on this forum ) that there were lowering links available, somewhere in Germany........ Are they available to suit the post 2000 650 Transalps ? More specifically a 2003 model. Which links are they ? Are they shorter or longer than stock ? Does anyone...