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650 transalp

  1. My 650 Transalp.

    Had my first decent ride today 220 miles around north wales on my new 650 Transalp ( Thanks to 4star ( George) on this forum for giving me the heads up on the bike ) 2006,5,000 miles,scottoiler,Givi panniers and monokey topbox,Tall honda screen,fender extender,Datatool system 4 alarm,centre...
  2. help needed in identifying which transalp this engine guard is for??

    loving the ta-deti transalp poges, this page: shows a pattern for an engine guard via big greg aldis would anyone know if this was for the 650 transalp?. I have a mate who welds and could make me one but need to know its for the right bike. cheers :thumbup:
  3. For Sale: Africa Twin Sump guard off 1993 RD04 £80

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Africa Twin Sump guard off 1993 RD04 £80 SOLD SOLD A 3 piece sump guard off a 1993 RD04 not chopped but some scratches most should come out. Believe will fit all AT and 600/650 TA providing crash bars do not intrude. Originally purchased to put on my 650 Transalp however it fouls the...
  4. A few newbie transalp questions

    Evening All I've gathered up a few questions (the majority of which have been answered by the search button) 1. When in 5th gear my bike at 50mph (ex psni calibrated speedo so 5 mph less than civvie unit) is running at just over 4500 rpm, surely thats running a bit high considering it only...
  5. For Sale: only 1900 miles on a 56reg transalp

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Theres a 56 reg 650 transalp for sale in red with just under 1900 miles on the clock for sale across the rd from me the guy wants £3500 if any ones interested
  6. Wanted: PLEASE HELP,either RD03,04,OR 07 BASH PLATE WANTED

    For Sale / Wanted
    I wonder if anyone could help me,i need a sump guard/bash plate so i can modify it to fit my 07 650 Transalp.I will pay any reasonable amount for one in good condition.Hope someone out there can help a new member.Cheers.
  7. Clutch issue mystery

    Clutch on my 650 Transalp (2005, c40k miles) was fine, and I'd never noticed any issues with it. Following a temporay bit of a abuse, it now doesn't grip until it's let almost completely in (i.e. lever out), though it doesn't seem to slip at all. Any ideas? More detail below. A few months...
  8. Is this safe?

    Trawling ebay and found a frame for an alp. Seller says it has a bit of damage to the bottom of the frame- would it be safe to ride? 2005 HONDA 650 TRANSALP MAIN FRAME | eBay
  9. 650 Transalp Breather hoses

    Can anyone help either with a diagram of the breather hoses, or tell me if I'm missing a bit. The Haynes manual is not that great and I have a feeling I've got a bit missing. Both rocker covers have pipes that go into what I think is some sort of emission control valve, that has a pipe that...
  10. Where to buy chain/sprocket set - 650 Transalp

    Loads of thread on here about the front sprocket basically concluding oem is best.. Other than david silver is there anywhere you can buy them? Also, does anyone know if the DS is a rivet or split link? Thanks.
  11. Rear suspension setup

    I'm after some measurements of rear suspension "sag" for a standard 650 Transalp. Since I'm a numpty head and didn't take any measurements before dismantling my bike, I'm a bit stuck now for setting up my Hagon shock. What I would like to know is - 1) For the bike on its own, how much does the...
  12. Seat catch

    Am I the only one who needs three hands to remove the seat on a 650 Transalp? Whenever I turn the key in the lock the seat is very difficult to remove but eventually does. Is there anything I can do to make it easier such as oiling or greasing something? Thanks in advance Graeme
  13. Fuel storage on Alp

    Hi, After a trip to the North West highlands last year and a great camp in a remote location, I awoke on a Sunday to head home and found that I really should have filled up (planned better!) at a station some 80 miles earlier. As a result I had to take a more direct route home missing out a few...
  14. V4 650 transalp wont start

    Having real problems - I have fuel going in, I have a spark but it wont fire up! - silly question but does the alp turn over even with the kill switch in the off position? (mine does - but wont start) Any ideas??????? I'm about to set the fecking thing on fire.....
  15. Sean's NC700X Test ride.......

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    . After seeing the NC700X at my local Honda dealer and the "new transalp" thread's I was quite intrigued by the new Honda. Firstly I have to say I really like fast bikes so wasn’t expecting too much from this bike..... I collected the bike from JS Gedge in Hastings this morning and it was...
  16. Pannier Rack

    Hi there, Can anyone tell me whether a Honda pannier rack for a 700 Transalp will fit a 650 Transalp??
  17. brake pad stainless steel backplate/shim

    Africa Twin
    hi guys, I’ve just brought a replacement pair of very good 650 Transalp callipers for my 1999 Africa Twin - the callipers are identical except for the colour... and these ones are in great condition - with no corrosion!! I’ve got the original pads with it - and there is a stainless brake pad...
  18. My New Transalp

    Well i will learn to not always think shiny and low milage is best, Ive bought a 4700 mile 57 plate 650 transalp . But its not moved a wheel since aug 08 hmm old stale fuel not a good recipe . Number one ive got a nice coating of orange crud ! any ideas how to clean out?? Number two, one of the...
  19. Will new exhaust give added vrooom - my seems to?

    Just checking .. Chasing rust around the 650 Transalp forced new Fuel Exhaust purchase. Now I haven't been out on the bike for 3 months due to being unwell, but fitted it today and did a test ride. Well it seems to have a big dose of added varooom, quite marked, or it could be just me not...
  20. 650 Transalp Magnetic Sump Plug

    Well like the title says, 650 Transalp Magnetic Sump Plug any idea where I can get one?