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  1. XR
    These have been in the for sale section but just thougth I'd post them here before they go on ebay. Front and rear wheels complete with discs, nearly new 45 tooth sprocket and decent Michelin T63 tyres. £150 for the lot or may sell separately. plus P & P. or collect from Manchester. PM me or...
  2. XR
    what end can are people using? looking to use my bike more as a dual sport than a laner so noise not too much of an issue is any one using a slip on from a road bike any info be great...
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    hi, can anybody help me out please.........I need a carb for my 2001 xr would seem the first thing many people do is replace the stock carb because its hard to set up , yet I cant find one or if I have they want the price of a new replacement ........... if anyone can help a fellow...
  4. XR
    my xr has gone through a metzler 6 days in 300 mls, what is everyone else using I do 50/50 dirt road the 6 days was new when I bought bike
  5. XR
    Hi im new to the forum and have recently bought a 2003 xr 650r spares or repair which needs gear box work as its skipping in 2nd and 3rd gear. I was just wondering if there was a any differences in the bikes through out the years, as i can get hold of a complete gear box but its out of a 2001...
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, Trying to make my US imported 650R totally stock, so I'm after a really good master cylinder without the mirror mount hole :)....finding a decent 1 seems a tough waiting ideally someone in the UK has 1 ?.
  7. XR
    hi, just wondering if a xr 650r bash plate will fit a xr 400? cheers matty
  8. XR
    Anyone know what other disc will fit on the rear of a xr650r? I bought one off ebay but its to small. Seller said they made a cock up and sent me a 650L one by mistake. Of course i don't really know whats its off i just have there word for it.
  9. XR
    I have a leccy start 650L I've moved the battery under the seat so I'm left with a big ugly space under the left side panel Will a nice flat 650R side panel fit?? Thanks
  10. XR
    Morning all just have a question regarding fuel. What do people run their XRs on ? I always put premium 98 in mine but it's starting to get expensive ....Yet to try 95 ordinary would there be much difference in performance or wear on motor ....or no difference. My mate has an XR 650r and won't...
  11. XR
    hi, just bought a 650r, which has no horn fitted, has the button on handlebars but cant find any wires anywhere has anyone fitted one to theres? is it a/c or d/c? cheers
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    xr 650r talon supermoto wheels with dunlop radials gpr 80 tyres,comes with front braking disc and talon caliper mount ready to bolt straight on. in vgc all though slight corrosion to nipples should polish out £450.00 + P&P or collect. contact Neil 07831 586691
  13. Discounts / Deals
    MK3 WIDE PIVOT PEGZ FOR HONDA XR 600R 650R 600 650 R PEGS 1988-2008 PIVOTPEGZ | eBay £50 cheaper than other outlets PP-18-MK3 fit many year xr's 250's,400's, 600 & 650's all africa twins :toothy10::blob7::happy6: & transalps 600 & 650's.
  14. XR
    And be ok....I know its in the States... Motorcycle HID Kit [Standard]
  15. XR
    Hi does anyone know a website which lists the part numbers for the UK spec bikes ?, I can find all the numbers for the US version of the 650 but this doesn't include stuff like the 3 wire UK supplied headlight bulb holder which I need ?. I am upgrading my US version so I have a horn, brake...
  16. XR
    test rode my new bike and bought it picking up had a normal speedo on it but had a mph sticker.i was just wondering whether it is mph or not as there are no mph markings on it. help would be appreciated. also any ideas on best place to get some nice graphics.
  17. XR
    Hi guys Just thought I will share with you the joy of having a new toy. It's an XR 650R 2002 with just 650 miles from new ( has been on SORN since 2005 ). My plan is to convert it to a bit more overland bike than it is at the moment. The Acerbis 24 fuel tank will be on order very soon but my...
  18. XR
    Hi there, am looking at an 02 XR 650r supermoto with Honda CRF450 clamps and upside down forks on it - does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with this set up. He`s looking for £2800 - fully supermoto`d, is that a reasonable price. Cheers
1-18 of 27 Results