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  1. Triumph Tiger 800XC one season later.

    Test Ride Reports
    I bought a Triumph Tiger 800XC at the beginning of 2011 and following a summer season here in the UK I would like to report my findings, if for no other reason, to clarify the half truths regarding my complaints over the last six months. Following the press releases through the MSN I was...
  2. The new Triumph 800XC would you buy one

    I test rode the new Triumph 800XC today I was disappointed to say the least:( Heavy Cable clutch/very buzzy sports engine shoehorned into a Trallie bike frame, always changing gear,all the power at the top end, poor windscreen,very skittish on wet roads but brakes were excellent and the...
  3. Call me a heretic...? (tempted by Tiger 800XC)

    ...but I was at the NEC show yesterday and having a good look at the new Tiger 800XC on the Triumph stand - and I was VERY impressed - to the extent that I was thinking "Hmm... I want one of those..." I've often felt that Triumphs were nice bikes, but that on closer inspection, they were a...
  4. 800XC first Triumph to ‘go everywhere’

    Triumph’s claims its Tiger 800XC is the British company’s first “go everywhere” motorcycle. It describes it as “a machine designed and built for adventurers looking for a strong and reliable companion to take them on a round the world trip.” It has: A steel chassis and torque 799cc...