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    noticed this on ebay a TA400 Honda Transalp 400 | eBay
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    ey op! any of you london lot any idea how long it might take to drive from central London (marble arch) to witney (nr oxford) up the A40? also, anybody know what this place is like :thumbup:
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    A40 biker killed in lorry collision near Gypsy Corner | The West Londoner always sad to hear these things thoughts with the biker's family:(
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    heading east on Saturday morning around 9. I was pulled over checking my map (on my way to RAF Halton) when I saw you cruise by. Jumped on the bike and tried to catch up but lost sight of you. Just wanted to say Hiya. :salute: Good to see another @ out there enjoying the day.
1-4 of 4 Results