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  1. Streettracker blog

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi folks, my streettracker blog is now back online, apologies for the absence, good luck with them projects!:D
  2. Unauthorised Absence

    Hi Folks, I'm back,sorry! I've had a nasty little brush with pneumonia and pleurisy, ambulance, blue lights, week in hospital, the works. OK now but a bit feeble and have lost a lot of weight, but on the mend now. But it has kept me quiet Forum wise (I think I got a mild B---ocking from the...
  3. Absence

    naah, not memory wise like Wee Jack but physical, I've been away for a week looking after family in law following the amputation of father in law's right leg due to an anevrism a few weeks ago. So now I've got to catch up on all the gossip since last week... I did manage to squeeze a couple...