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  1. Free: RD03/RD04 original shock absorber available

    For Sale / Wanted
    It is knackered but if there is anybody who wants it for rigeneration I am happy to give it for free (postage exp. Only)
  2. A question re rear suspension link 650

    can anyone tell me the correct way up for the forked arm on the rear suspension of a 650 tranny. mine is fitted with the lower shock absorber mounting lug being lower than the pivot point but this photograph shows it the other way up ie with the shock mounting above the pivot
  3. Rear shock absorber help required

    Dominator / FMX
    Do any of you gentlemen know of any rear shocks that will fit my dommie flat tracker. I need to raise the rear end by about two inches. I am using the one from my RD02 but it sits way too low. Any suggestions about alternative shocks or hightening kits? :thumbup:
  4. TA700-2012 - Adjust the rear shock absorber

    Hi guys, I wish to adjust the rear shock absorber. I know this is done regarding to rider's weight. Do you know the table adjust vs. weight? It doesn't appear in the service manual, only how to adjust. Thanks, Amos.
  5. Problems fitting refurbisged shock absorber

    Africa Twin
    Hi All Just trying to fit my reconditioned shock absorber, but it appears the hose to the gas canister is in a different position to the one i took off. How can i get it repositioned- if you look at the photograph i cannot get the fuel pump back into position and it looks like the hose will...
  6. fx650 rear shock absorber

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, i'm in need of a rear shock for my fx650 in a hurry, there's await for a new one and to get the old one overhauled, does anyone know of an alternative fitment for the bike ? or has anyone got a used one they are willing to part with untill i can get mine sorted ? cheers Stu
  7. RD02 shock absorber WANTED

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi ppl!! I look for shock absorber for RD02 before 1995 (the short one?), and wondering if anyone knows of other than original suit, for they are so expensive?:joker:
  8. XR600 Rear Shock '97 V '95

    Hi, Will a complete rear shock absorber from a 1995 XR600RS fit a 1997 XR600RV? I know the spring colour is different and by checking the respective parts catalogues know that the cenrte rod has a different part number on each but the upper casing / mount is the same part number. Any guidence...
  9. Shock Absorber Rebuild

    Africa Twin
    Hello, Has anyone used Brook Suspension to rebuild their Africa Twin shock Absorber ? They advertise on ebay and charge £85 for the strip-down, check, fit new seals, oil and gas. Seems an ok price, just need to know if they do a good sevice. Failing that can anyone recomend a good replacement...
  10. Ohlins shock absorber

    Africa Twin
    Hi there i changed my Africa Twin RD07A shocked to Ohlins shocked absorber.Can any one here enlighten me how much clicks do i need to adjust my rebound n compression.My height 1.78m and weight 65kg.Most of the time ride on highway.Never been to off roads.Tq

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks, Im trying to find a tool for adjustment of rear shock absorber.I dont have the oem tool kit for at rd07 and i m no sure if included.Any suggestions? thanks in advance. george