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  1. nx 650 poor accelerating

    Dominator / FMX
    non standard air filter and exhaust (nx650 1999 Keihin VE carb) , hesitant acceleration up to 1/4 throttle , above that ok . all points to needing larger pilot/slow jet but already have gone from standard 50 to a 65 . a lot better but still not smooth . Anyone think ok to go even bigger on slow...
  2. 2006 fmx 650 surging / lunging

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello I'm new on here, I ride the fmx650 all year round all weather's to get to work and back anyway I have a problem, I obviously bought the bike second hand and it has remus system which was already on her, while I'm riding at around 30 or 60 or 70 with throttle stable it starts to surge bit...
  3. Honda fmx 650 sproket

    Dominator / FMX
    Alrite lads i have got a 42T rear sproket on my bike atm. I have orded a 46T i was just wundering if i would notice much diffrence in the acceleration Cheers
  4. "Clonking" sound from front sprocket / swingarm pivot

    Hi, My XR600V has started to make a "clonking" sound from somewhere around the front sprocket / swing arm pivot. It comes irregularly but I think I only hear it upon acceleration from low speed (low gears), never when the bike is standing still idling so I am quite sure it is related to the...
  5. high rev, slow speed....

    Africa Twin
    Hey y'all! Gonna make long story short. [email protected] been standing still since November. Brought it out today and is thing happened. Really low speed on high revs. Strange I thought almost as if it didn't get enough petrol. Spot on! A petrol tube was bent. Drove back home. Replaced the old tube. Tada...
  6. look after your chain

    Watch this drag bike run , the chain looks a bit tight when stationary but look at the slack under acceleration, ok a road bike is not quite gonna have the same effect but it just show
  7. Is the Dommie soft on suspension at the front?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi again. So I've had the Dommie for ten days and I'm wondering if anyone else thinks the suspension is all a bit squidgy? The front end dives loads under braking and the rear squats down under acceleration. My bike is 17 years old but from new has just 13000 miles. I suspect its all original...
  8. A Squeak under acceleration

    Hi Everyone I heard this noise on the way back from Scotland, was coming from the chain/front sprocket area. I thought it was either a chain and sprocket change or a wheel bearing. Today i discovered the problem. The front sprocket had lateral movement so much so I immediately investigated. I...
  9. Sticky clutch under acceleration

    Africa Twin
    AT has 32k miles on it Noticed on my last ride (Ypres 300 miles there) and on the rides before then that when changing gear if I have been riding for a few hours or accelerating hard it won't go into the next gear, I have to roll off the throttle and try again This isn't every gear change just...
  10. It's here!!!!

    Finally got the time and the paperwork together... Yes, that's KM not miles:thumbright: A VERY different machine from the RT... The throttle is very light and the acceleration is phenomenal:D But I don't know if it was just because I was sat in the car for 9 hours yesterday and did a 2...
  11. XL600V carbs

    Hello from norway! I have a 1995 Transalp where the fuel/air mixture screw in one of the carbs broke the other day, the adjuster screw in the right was so corroded that when I finally got it out, it had stripped all the threads as well... I have found a set of carbs from a 1996 transalp, but...
  12. Swapped over today.

    My friend has just traded his Hornet in for a Tenere XT 660 with all the luggage and goodies on as hes taking 3 months off work to do an Eastern euro tour.What can I say we swapped over bikes for about twenty miles and I was really impressed with the Yam,not vibey at all and really comfortable...
  13. 2003 XL650 Transalp vibration

    Just picked up a clean 2003 XL650 Transalp with 26k km(16k miles). I'm experiencing a definite engine vibration, particularly on acceleration. I was just wondering if the XL650 V-Twin is a sewing machine or if the vibration is to be expected. I had a VT600 that had this same kind of vibration...
  14. Chain and sprockets

    Dominator / FMX
    What is the standard length of chain and how many teeth on the sprockets for my 94 Dommie? I have seen them for sale on fleabay with 108 links and 110 links. I would like to keep standard gearing but wouldnt mind a bit faster acceleration at the expense of top end speed.:thumbup: Is x-ring...
  15. Journalistic licence

    When does journalistic licence become total b*ll*cks? The reason I ask is that I came across some total nonsense when doing some Googling about for my AT camshaft details thread*. I was actually looking to see if I could find a power/torque curve for the Honda VT750 Shadow as it shares a...
  16. Rear sprocket size?

    Africa Twin
    My new chain and sprockets(what a lovely word that is...sprocket:D) arrived today after a delay in the customs:rolleyes: Anyway, the old rear sprocket is a 45 tooth and the new one Wemoto have sent is a 49 tooth....using the bicycle derailleur principle, this means the bike should be lower...
  17. Help please , the front rocker box cover leaks

    I am thinking of resealing it with a semi-hardening gasket sealer on both sides of the rubber gasket. Idealy, I would buy a new gasket and the rubber sealers that go on the bolts that fasten down the rocker cover. I really want to get the bike rideable for now and go on an event ride in two...
  18. Whats a Dominator sound like?

    Dominator / FMX
    Pretty silly question on a forum, eh? But I've been riding my newly acquired '95 NX650 with 30k kilometers and am just getting used to it's quirks and jerks. It seems to vibrate a good deal. But with a single cylinder I suppose thats normal. Under acceleration the front console and speedo...
  19. Rear tyre rubbish in wet

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm running a Mitas E-08 rear tyre, relatively new. However in the wet the tyre looses traction under moderate acceleration and feels very unstable on roundabouts. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a 'best' tyre for on-road commuting for wet weather? Many thanks, Sam.
  20. XL600R acceleration juddering

    Hi guys Bought an 86 xl600r last year and have been stripping it down and rebuilding the frame work and engine wiring etc. However, the guy i bought it off had completely rebuilt the inside of the engine. The engine runs sweet as a nut (when i can get it going) which leads me on to my problems...