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  1. South Wales

    Last minute decision for next weekend, myself and a mate have decided to do a visit to South West Wales. Any suggestions for accommodation, drinks etc, staying only 2 nights, maybe someone has done a ride there recently. Thanks
  2. Advice on Sweden, urgent

    Great Roads/Routes
    Hi, need some help on Sweden. We are some bikers >10 leaving to Sweden from Sandefjord in june/july. Plan is to do the south-west coast of sweden on ok roads towards helsingborg-helsingør, and back the east coast of Denmark (here we have reasonably good control). I need advice on best roads and...
  3. North West France Accommodation May/June 2014 for 4/6 bikers

    I am in the process of arranging a holiday trip for myself and a few other bikers mates to North West France in May/June this year and thought I would ask the XRV collective if anyone has any recommended biker friendly hotels, gites or b&b's they could suggest in this area? Ian.
  4. For Sale: Vango Zeal 400

    For Sale / Wanted
    Thinking of ebaying my Vango Zeal 400 (4 man tent). Tent is in "like new" conditions, bought it this summer and I have only used it once for the Tuscan trip. Very spacious accommodation and plenty of room for storage of riding gear and camping bits and bobs, easy to carry on a bike as it weighs...
  5. The ultimate make money fast scheme

    For all you hard working folk out there... Three easy steps to financial success Fiddle your housing benefit by pretending you live in rented accommodation while actually having your own house. Collect £45,000 Get caught and sentenced to 300 hours community service Result earn £150 per hour tax...
  6. To Bala and back

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Some photos from our weekend ride.......... Great scenery Resized to 80% (was 800 x 600) - Click image to enlarge Resized to 80% (was 800 x 600) - Click image to enlarge Resized to 80% (was 800 x 600) - Click image to enlarge Great trails Resized to 80% (was 800 x 600) - Click...
  7. normandy beaches etc

    I know some of you have done tours & visited the landing beaches, cemeterys etc & I'm planning a trip for 2013, possibly with 1/2 a dozen mates in tow. Thr ride to & from here is no problemo, accommodation I can deal with I think though I might have a word with Jaqueslemac depending on how many...
  8. Accomodation in Chichester

    Just thought that I post this up here on the off chance that someone might be able to help. A nephew of mine may well be taking up his first job in Chichester soon and will, obviously, need some accommodation. So, if anyone lives in the area what do you reckon his options are? He's a quiet...
  9. Fifth Welsh Invasion Feb. 17/18/19 th 2012

    Welsh Invasion
    First of all after a request from some members the meet has been brought forward a week. Can I have a show of interest please. I am having problems finding alternative accommodation that meets our criteria so it looks as if it will be back in Pembroke, which isn't neccessarily a bad thing.
  10. 4TH ANNUAL WELSH INVASION , accommodation

    Welsh Invasion
    I've just had a call from the centre. There's no problem with our booking, however we won't be able to have the blocks we've had in the past. Our accommodation this year will be in the blocks where we have use of the kitchen. These are four bedded rooms and not twins as before. I hope this is...
  11. TLD Accommodation update

    The Longest Day
    Included in this post.. RED = UPDATED INFO 1 Sleeps to go 2 Updated Bunkhouse list, 3 TA Lowestoft list, I need numbers asap. An evening meal, a place to securely park your bike, use of their ablutions, cheap bar, place to put up a tent or sleep on a roll mat or gym mat in the drill hall...
  12. London Accommodation

    Well I have got myself a summer placement, will be working from mid-june to the end of August and I need to sort out somewhere to stay. There are two of us (from my university) that have got the placement and are both looking for something together. The company is in Greenford, so somewhere...
  13. Important Rider Information

    The Longest Day
    Hi All, The Dingle bunkhouse bookings are in Post number 3 below from: R559 to: 52.129597,-10.452511 - Google Maps Dunquin Dun Chaoin Hostel - Dunquin, Ireland - Hostel Review Dunquin Hostel is located in Dunquin, a small town on the western tip of the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland's...
  14. Accommodation and tours in France

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    If anyone finds themselves between Poitiers and Limoges on the N147 there is a biker BandB called Motobreaks at Bussiere Poitevine run by UK bikers with secure bike accommodation and lots of facilities. I've stayed there and they are now friends of mine but I've met other guests who've enjoyed...
  15. TLD Accommodation

    The Longest Day
    ... just wanting to know where most people are staying on the Friday night. Travelling over from Ireland on Friday on my own (Norman no mates). So far know of: Westend Travel Lodge - now looking £80 for the night Mortonhall Campsite (or something) - not wanting to camp Station Hotel, Shotts...
  16. luxembourg accommodation

    Last year I did a four day trip around the France/Luxembourg/Belgium borders and stopped at the Hotel Esch, in Esch sur Sure, as recommended by someone on here, sorry can't remember who, but it was an excellent tip, the hotel was great and the roads around the area were superb - so much so that...
  17. Lakes Accommodation

    Myself and a few mates are looking to take a short 2 / 3 day trip within the Uk in March / April and we've sort of decided that the lakes / northumberland area is somewhere we've not really explored despite it being within 100 miles of us. We've done camping, and none of us are getting any...
  18. Burgos accommodation

    A friend is heading off to Southern Spain and is looking for cheapish accommodation in or around Burgos, for 1 or 2 nights. Would also consider a campsite I gather. I had mentioned the excellent source of info that is the xrv forum earlier, and I have now been asked if I can post a msg...
  19. Recommend me accommodation please…..

    My brother and I are going on 2 week long courses from the 28th-04-08 for two weeks. The first one is in Newcastle-Upon-Thyne and the second week is in Leeds. We're going on the bike so secure (as possible) parking is also a factor. We're on abit of a budget so no Hilton lodgings for this...
  20. End to End final accommodation list and info

    The Longest Day
    Right then - firstly many thanks for the quick response guys and your patience and cooperation. The following people are paid for and confirmed at LandsEnd Hotel, AND have a confirmed bedspace in The SeaView Hotel at John O Grotes. For the SeaView Hotel at John O Grotes please pay on arrival -...