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  1. XR
    Just fitting an Acewell 1600 to my XR400. Does anyone know the max RPM and redline for the bike? It is set on the 10,000RPM scale at the moment and I think it might need to go to the 20,000 scale. Also the oil temp range and max oil temp?
  2. Africa Twin
    I have just ordered an acewell 3250 and it arrived today. I have just looked into the box and there does not seem to be a speed sensor. Could you advice how I can get a speed reading on it. Whether I have to buy a specific magnet sensor, or one that will attach to the cable, or could I get a...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hey guys, I have been installing the acewell speedo on my africa twin to replace the whole instrument cluster. I did the left indicator lamps, (high beam and indicator) and now I am stuck at the right hand side, ie neutral and oil.... I tried the diagram, but all I got lighting was the indicator...
  4. Africa Twin
    hi guys, Im trying to fit a acewell speedo on my AT, but I am a bit confused on the wiring. Can anyone that used it, give me some instruction on the wiring schematics? Any fotos of the actual wiring loom? Thanks
  5. Africa Twin
    Interested to replacing my dash with an Acewell Unit. Has anyone done this (pics would be very nice) Can you use the KPH output from the Tripmeter to feed the speed on the Acewell, converting it to MPH.
1-5 of 5 Results