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  1. Transalp
    I've been promoting my Motobatt AGM battery part No MBTX9U its been brilliant no problems but last week it dropped dead just short of five years so i'me a bit disapointed am I expecting too much? So I'me considering going back to a ordinary lead acid type, can anyone recommend a specific...
  2. Mechanical Advice
    Hi. I have to charge up an unsealed battery from my new Dakar but there is hardly any acid in there. I know you top up with distilled water, but is this alone ok or do I nead to add some acid? Cheers.
  3. Mechanical Advice
    Just checking my Alp pre National (Plus weekly coast trip tomorrow). All cells in the battery about 25% full exept for one (75%). Topped them up not long ago. No symptoms, everything working fine. New batt required I think BUT did the reg/rec do this? Got go to Eastbourne tomorrow...
  4. Mechanical Advice
    I have bought a dry battery for a 125 knowing it would need acid to activate it. Problem is I cant seem to get any anywhere. Any Ideas?
1-4 of 5 Results