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  1. Ign Light coming on

    Africa Twin
    Riding home this afternoon and noticed my orange ignition light began to dimly glow. As I carried on, the light began to get brighter. She's been running rough for some time and the person who was supposed to look at her for me has let me down. Got a photoshoot with Adventure Bike Magazine in...
  2. Anyone had their Tripmaster speed upgraded by Joerg Hau in switzerland ?

    Africa Twin
    Ive found this man in Switzerland who do upgrades and repairs of the Tripmaster (RD04-RD07-RD07A) One of the upgrades is a hidden speed display that he kan activate + he makes a voltmeter mod Has anyone tried this service ? Please see link: Joergs Motorcycle Pages: Honda Africa Twin Cheers...
  3. Adventure biker adverts :)

    This ad keeps coming up. Are they trying to,tell me something? Can GCHQ activate my camera while i'm "perusing" xrv ? Or is this my member ID photo?
  4. Varadero XL1000 rear brake dragging

    Hi all, I have a '99 Varadero and here's the problem: Apply the front brake and it releases ok. However, it doesn't activate the rear caliper. Apply the rear brake and it activates both front and rear calipers but doesn't release the rear one properly, which continues to drag. It releases...
  5. Honda CRF230F rear brake light switch - MOT question

    CRF - New Forum!
    My 2007 model 2010 registered CRF230F is due for 1st MOT. Just checking it over and rear brake doesn't activate the brake light. Front brake does, so it's not the bulb. I go to check rear brake light switch, but there doesn't seem to be one It's got the standard Honda lighting kit AFAIK (no...
  6. XR400 2001 3 Finger Brake Levers

    Does anyone know a source of the pivot type 3 finger brake levers that will fit my XR400? I looked at the Zeta levers but it seems only the m type are available around here and I think I need the K type with the bit that sticks out to activate the brake light and stop it swinging forwards. I...
  7. Indicators take ages to activate

    Hiya. In this cold weather, my indicators are taking a long time to activate- I'll press the indicator switch, and sometimes it won't go at all, and sometimes it will take 10 to 20 seconds to start indicating. Once it's flashing it's fine, but it's just getting that first flash. It can be quite...