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  1. 650 Alp weight and known issues

    Hi all, Does anyone know the actual real wet weight of the 650 Alp? Ive got all kinds from 191kg to 225kg!!! Also, anyone aware of any 'known' issues wiht the 650 or things I should be aware of if buying? Cheers all, much thanks! D
  2. petrol cap picture

    Dominator / FMX
    petrol cap picture does any one have one please from above to see how it sits on the tank and a actual picture of the cap itself:thumbup:
  3. Where in the world!!!?

    RULES: Pictures must be from google earth/maps satellite and north orientated and must be the most upto date image available (i.e. no use of google earth historical images) You must provide a continent unless it will give away the answer There's a 72 hour time limit on each picture, if no-one...