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  1. XR
    Gday how do I replace the o'ring where the decompression arm goes into the head. I can visibly see the o'ring but i dont know how to remove the arm/actuator.
  2. XL
    Anyone got a spare laying about - OR, do you know the dimensions of it - OR if any other models use the same seal? Its the seal that fits to the clutch actuator arm, just inside the l/hand casing, to stop the oil pissing out :( Thanx
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi, I'm in Asmara, Eritrea in east Africa, high, hot, large day/night temp variation. Ashamed to say I have left my AT750 in the sun and unused for 8 months. Started first time (!) and engine running nicely, but I have a clutch or transmission problem... If I try and put it in 1st, obviously...
  4. Africa Twin getting so close to finishing and its just one problem after another!. Am I right in assuming there is no adjustment on the return cable to the throttle? :smilebox:I can't get the throttle...
  5. Africa Twin
    A tad concerned about how loose or tight this chain should be? The bike is an '89 RD03 and having checked over the clutch whilst changing the clutch actuator oil seal, the chain running to the oil pump appears very loose. The question is, how tight should it be? I figure the chain can be...
1-5 of 5 Results