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  1. Headlight protector to adapt on RD03/07

    Africa Twin
    I just found this headlight protector for a Honda scooter...and fits 6 inches headlights....I plan to adapt it to my RD03 wich has 5.5 inches and nice....for a weekend project.... Here's the link.... eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods...
  2. Akrapovic exhausts on a VA6 Varadero

    Howdy chaps, I just bought a Akrapovic SP exahust system (end cans and connector pipes - not full system). Before I set to installing them, can I ask whether or not i need to retune the bike or will the ecu adapt itself? On the Triumph Rocket 3 for example, you had a thing called a "12 min...
  3. Oil cooler

    Dominator / FMX
    Has anyone fitted an oil cooler thet they would like to share their experience of ? I want to fit one down where that silly little toolbox resides. Information on what second hand coolers that would be suitable and what fittings etc are required to plumb one in would be most useful . I wait in...
  4. Newbie 700

    Hi' to all from a older? newbie. Based in West Lanc's. Just swapped my Moto Guzzi California 1100 for a 58 TA700. Both Vee twins but a bit of a difference between them. The Guzzi thumped its way whereas the TA buzzes along. Guzzi at 60mph = 3000 revs, TA = 4000 revs. Obviously will take a bit of...
  5. XLR250/XR250 Headers

    Just bought myself a '86 XLR to run about on and get some practice offroading before i take the plunge and start racing in Circa74 on my scrambler. One of the headers has rotted through on the XLR. Welding is not realy an option as the pipe is paper thin. Do all the XR/XL/XLR 250's have the same...
  6. Wanted: touratech Zega top box mounting bracket

    For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted Touratech top box mounting bracket to fit a Vara, a TA, or from any bike. I have got one fitted to my Vara but could use another to fit to my Transalp. Not bothered if its not bike specific as they are easy enough to adapt - the one on the Vara was previously on the TA. Good(ish)...
  7. New Cardo G4 Software out !

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Cardo have released new software to update the G4 headsets. Quite a lot of new features and functions - just keeps getting better ! Version 3.0 – March 2011 Overview - New Features The scala rider G4 3.0 software update is a major milestone, bringing with it innovative new features...
  8. Fitting stand springs

    Mechanical Advice
    Cant take credit for this method, as I came across it on an AJS owners site, but as it works, and for us ole timers does away with the need for the brute strength we used to have but now sadly lack, I think its worth sharing: Drill your vise to accept a 6mm bolt (approx. you can use any size as...
  9. TUTORIAL: Race Tech Emulators installation for NX650

    Dominator / FMX
    First of all, my mother tongue is not English, so please feel free (by PM) to help me to remove all the errors I have done in the following explanation. As I did not find information about the Race Tech Emulators and the NX650, I took the hard way: I purchased a set of them and got my hands...
  10. New TA700 or F800GS used?

    Big debate to post here but here goes. I've done 30k on my 08 TA700 and loved every moment. I've dealt with the usual warranty issues with an exhaust upgrade awaiting me at my dealers. I've added all the accessories I could need/use within limits. I've commuted daily in all weathers and...
  11. Dakar 2011

    Competitions / Trials
    Dakar 2011 entries are just about to open in the next few days so I thought this would be a good time to post. No major changes to rules in 2011, the progression to smaller engines, targeted checkpoints and so on is moving ahead.... the official pre-press blurb for anyone interested. An...
  12. RAM mount for £5

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I've just been shopping around for a RAM mount and came across this apparent bargain. OtterBox iPod Clip with Handlebar Mount it's got an Otterbox Ipod clip on one end but from the photo's it should be an easy mod to adapt it to any use (at least that's what I'm hoping) I've ordered one...
  13. Tech Exhaust question

    Africa Twin
    Hi all trying to repair / put back on the road an imported from the UK RD04 1991. Not a great time for buying stuff but have seen some deals here on the buy and sell for second hand / new unused exhausts. Heres the question : Can you adapt an exhaust if it off a bike of same ish cc's?
  14. Waterproof SatNav cover

    Mechanical Advice
    Has anyone seen or used these waterproof satnav covers on a bike. Buy Cheap Sat Nav Garmin TomTom Navman Car Entertainment & Audio - Reviews UK Buy Cheap Sat Nav Garmin TomTom Navman Snooper offers Make any cheap satnav waterproof , save on buying a premium waterproof unit ! This 100%...
  15. Wanted: the price of spots these days!!

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone have any idea where to get decent spots that dont cost the earth? – they dont have to be drilled out ali-plated, look like the latest Touratech model or be some newfangled Low-energy LED stuff – but thatd be real nice! – Ill settle for a dcent and practical alternative tho – and always...
  16. Lucky escape in BIG Accident on the A19!

    Friday night I was on my way up to Whitley Bay to my sister's house and was riding along the A19, as the fog got thicker north of Middlesborough I decided to slow down, not as much as I wanted though as other people were still going 70+ with visibility of less than 30m if that. Got to Peterlee...
  17. SW Motech panniers

    Does anyone have these on a TA (600)? I'm trying to work out what is needed - is it possible to adapt Givi racks (what I've got...) to take SW Motech panniers? There's some kind of adaptor kit but I can't work out what it's for :confused: Any advice/help appreciated! Chris
  18. Varadero Exhausts

    Hi all, I fancy a set of after market pipes to save my new standard ones :thumbup: Steve T, I believe you might still have your pipes from your last one? Fiona said she spoke to you in the local dealers on Monday? I've not got your number mate, also there's a few T's in the phone book! Ha ha...
  19. Tubless adaptation

    I'm told that it is possible to adapt, and make air-tight, spoked TA wheel rims to safely accept tubeless tyres. Any of you lot done it and done away with the tubes? Any opinions as to efficaciousness of such an adaptation?
  20. Transalp 650 (2002)

    Hi, I'm joining this forum from sunny India in the hope of gaining some useful information about preparing for a trip from the Uk to here in Delhi leaving Sept 2009. I have done numerous motorcycle trips on a R1100gs but now it's the turn of the TA (lighter and more appropriate) Travel advice is...