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  1. Fuel consumption: RD07/a carbs adapted to an RD03?

    Africa Twin
    As the title states, is there a chance to adapt the different bits in/around the carburetors from a later model Africa Twin (RD07/a, which are noticeably less thirsty) to an earlier RD03, in order to make it a bit more fuel efficient? I'm not fully aware of their design/layout differences, so...
  2. CRF1000L. 1000mile thoughts.

    Africa Twin
    Thought I'd post some thoughts on the bike after the first 1,000miles or so. Inevitable comparisons to other bike, all things are relative! All comments are for on road - not been brave enough for off road yet, but a couple of green lanes identified...! 1) Engine. The stats are deceptive, it...
  3. My trip is going up in (exhaust) smoke!

    Africa Twin
    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some help please with my XRV750 Africa Twin (1995 RD07). I've noticed recently that it's putting out smoke when revved on startup. It's not visible at idle, and it goes away when the engine heats after a couple of minutes. (See pic). It seems worse in colder...
  4. 1988 NXR livery

    Africa Twin
    1988 Terruzi / Orioli NXR livery I am a fan of the 1988 #83 and 84 Oriolli / Terruzi Italian NXR factory team. One of the reason is that the bike's livery is almost the same as the "civilian" RD03. I don't know the history that prompted such similarity, but it pleases me as I also have an...
  5. off-road spec TA 650

    spotted on ebay germany Honda Transalp Enduro Umbau Offroad | eBay translation: There is a Honda Transalp. Vehicle was rebuilt as follows - - Front fork -KTM 48 mm with matching front wheel - Brake system - The steering wheel lock has been adapted so that the vehicle can be locked - Tacho...
  6. For Sale: TomTom Urban Rider

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm selling my TomTom Urban rider sat nav, with '45' Europe mapping. Comes boxed & instructions, with RAM mounts, charging mount with ciggy socket attached (I also have the full length cable for permanent bike mounting) and non charging mount (adapted to take a mini usb in the sat nav port)...
  7. Wanted: Wanted - Tubular steel pannier frame.

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for a steel frame that can be adapted to fit onto my NX400 with some home brew bracketry. Not really bothered about a rear rack element. Givi mountings a real plus as I could then use my old panniers off the Vara Rusty or a bit battered is OK. WHY please?? The alternative is...
  8. Givi V35 panniers?

    Has anyone fitted V35 panniers to the Transalp 700. Honda's own panniers are a bit small for my needs so looking to fit the V35s. I can't find any one who supplies mounting frames for them so wondering is there any that can be adapted. Frames are available for the Varadero 1000 and V35s. Cheers.
  9. A whale of a time!

    Buell / Harley Davidson
    Refreshing the Harley threads as no one has posted any for a while, well it is Honda Trail bikes after all!. I purchased a solo seat for my Great White Whale (Harley 91 FLHTP) at the Shepton jumble. The seat is for a 97 on RoadKing so it is not correct for the bike, but it was cheapish (for...
  10. A ridiculous tyre quest

    Mechanical Advice
    Since I sold my Transalp (which I've noticed is now for sale on eBay, using my photos and words:cussing:) I have been missing out on that adventure feeling. So today I had taken my trusty CD250 out to explore some minor lanes right on my doorstep. On the OS map I spotted a brief section of...
  11. Living with the Crosstourer

    Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Well, that's my first season with the Crosstourer, I hope to get it out maybe another one or two runs this month but if the gritters appear that'll be it for this year. Any way, only 4000 miles on the VFR1200X this year due to health issues. I'm still coming to grips with the power and speed of...
  12. For Sale: Various parts and spares for XRs

    For Sale / Wanted
    250 cylinder (surface still feels well honed) + the piston (taken off my bike when I did the 280 upgrade) Very decent condition, gudgeon pin included, but you will need some new retaining clips) Reserved Actualy im pretty sure ive got a cylinderhead laying around somewhere too (non ported) let...
  13. Transalp XL600V '93 Centre stand.

    Hi all, the centre stand for the early Transalp's are very expensive as we all know, so I thought I would let people know that I have adapted a centre stand off a Bandit 600 to fit one, in the prototype stage but works and operates fine !, I haven't made it a permanent fixture yet , just trying...
  14. Humbling day today

    Thanks to all those sending me birthday wishes today. Ok so I have had a couple of shandy's and I am not yet at the point of hugging everything and telling them they are my best friend and I live them but.... Today was a bit of a humbling day. I work as an optician and I spend some of my time...
  15. 1150 GS-GSA fatbar conversion

    well its been a while since i did anything to the beast so i hatched a plan for the next mod:D:D:D:D fatbar conversion to do away with the steel bars,so after a email to adventure workshop the cunning Artificers of the AWS risers a plan was hatched:cool: sold some unwanted bits sitting around...
  16. Quack quack

    Well in my 24 miles ride home I've had to cross 4 flooded roads all mid calf to knee deep, ride with my visor up because visibility has been so poor, negotiate a blocked and flooding sewar( yuk) Half way home I wished I had a snorkel then another 10 miles later I adapted and grew a set of...
  17. Kriega tail packs as panniers and a rather interesting bike club

    now I have donated my TA's panniers to fit my wife's 700 I was thinking about some soft luggage for it instead. After looking at a Kriega US20 tail pack I wondered if it could be adapted to fit on a pannier loop - so I asked Kriega the question. I got the following reply: Hi Austin, Sorry...
  18. Agenda for tonights meeting 21/10/10 at 8pm

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    1 Decal sets Mark is getting these priced up and will come back to us when he has the figures. Prices being sought for various packs. The packs agreed on will be the format used for future years. 2 Payments Barry has sorted out paypal on the website. When it goes live Tom will contact...
  19. Vardaro pannier racks

    Mechanical Advice
    Is there a possibility that the gvi tubular pannier racks could be easily adapted to fit the Africa Twin - preferably just with redrilling of mounting holes rather than cutting and re welding - Thx James
  20. For Sale: AT Pannier Racks and Tyres.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I have a brand new, unused set of Metal Mule Pannier frames that I bought recently at a cost of £300. I fitted them to my RD07 (2001) but never used them with panniers. I've now sold the bike due to the curent financial climate. To forum members : £200 inc. postage. Checkout Metal Mule...