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  1. help needed with twisted/bent forks?

    Someone helpfully drove into me this week, they hit the very front of front wheel (from the side) i have slackened off the top and middle yokes, removed the fork brace and mudguard, and bashed the wheel against a lampost but I can't get it straight/true this photo was taken with the wheel...
  2. XVR750 RD07/7A rear carrier alternatives

    Africa Twin
    I need one for my XRV750 RD07A, are there alternatives to the Honda original aluminium one, searches appear to show plates that bolt onto the aluminium casting but not a replacement for the casting. There do appear to be replacements for RD03/4 carriers that are different to the RD07/7A...
  3. Rear shock - A bit too soft?

    Hi. I have had my 99' TA 600 for a while now, and I want to make my bike a little less soft, and also try to lift the rear a bit. Is this possible just by modifying the original parts? Has anyone done this before? In the front I added a few mm. of fork-oil, and changed the viscosity. That...
  4. SLR and FX Throttle Cables NOS!

    Dominator / FMX
    My local bike shop has a contact who has access to Honda NOS parts. He's now stocking throttle cables and speedo drive gears for SLR and FX650 - both discontinued by Honda. Get 'em while they're hot! Manhattan Motorcycles Ltd. Recently Added Products
  5. For Sale: 1994 Africa Twin for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Very reluctant sale of my absolutely mint and umarked condition 1994 AT for sale. In original condition. I have added alloy choke guides( i still have the originals). Everything else as new. She has only 9500 miles on the clock. Must be the most original and immaculate AT in the country. I...
  6. XR200 identification problem

    Hi, I have a Honda xr200 which was brought from a police auction. There are no id marks on this bike as you can imagine, this will never go back on the road will just be used for riding round field etc. Any ideas how i correctly identify the engine i have on this, it is electric start and was...
  7. Rear shock XL700

    Anyone here either changed the spring in the standard shocker, or changed it completely ?? I've added preload to my standard shock already which has helped, but it's still a bit lacking when loaded up with luggage. I'm reluctant to spend loads on an aftermarket shock unless I knew it was going...
  8. 600 engine colour

    when did the 600 engine change from silver/grey to black, when the rear disk was added? early and late seem to be a mixture.
  9. Road biased tyres for the CRF250L

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi, new to the Forum. I have always ridden large touring bikes but have recently added a CRF250L for small backroads riding. I don't want to ride off road, just the small tarmac tracks that wind over moors and Dales. The CRF has the stock knobbly tyres and I don't feel secure cornering on tarmac...
  10. Rear mudguard

    Africa Twin
    As I'm wading through the previous owners 'enhancements' (or bodges as I like to call them!), I now realise the rack was fitted through added holes in the rear mudguard. Tucked away under the rear carrier I didn't notice the extra 'ventilation' until removed for cleaning. Does anyone know if...
  11. Foot Pegs

    Any recommendations for off road type foot pegs? Many that I have seen are wider than the oem, and I fear these will interfere with my big foot and the shifter. When I added off road style pegs to my KLR650, I had to install an extended shifter to make shifting as comfortable as before.
  12. Paris Dakar Rally Videos from 1997-2001

    I'm in the process of digitising some old VHS video tapes, with UK TV coverage of 1997-2001 Paris Dakar rallys. I have uploaded some of them, and more will be added over the next few weeks. See here:
  13. Dominator exhaust and off road mudguard added to the 650

    Hi guys, I added a dominator exhaust and off road mudguard to my TA last week. I think the mudguard ads a more aggressive look the machine. The exhaust was cheap but I do not think the link pipe is engineered to the correct angle as the exhaust was tight against the indicator. I have attached...
  14. Salisbury Plain 9th Jan. Winter blues NOT ?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Took a day out with Paddy from Newbury Motorcycles (die hard @t fan) to try out the new suspension and tyres over on Salisbury Plain. Didn't quite work out as planed, had a slight off in a rather large Puddle much to his ammusement. Only damage my touring screen, thanks to the very effective...
  15. Wanted: Parts needed for RD03 resto

    For Sale / Wanted
    I need the following parts for my RD03. Must be willing to ship to Canada and accept Paypal ;-) The list may see added needed items along the process. - Left and right switches. RD03 and RD04 are the same. Must be in very good cosmetical condition. Mine have turned grey ;-( - Left and right...
  16. My Dominator with slight mods.

    Dominator / FMX
    Have spent sometime peparing bike before a full conversion in the spring to a street tracker. Have added a front wheel and disc from an SLR 650 (19"), cut original mudguard. Twinduro tyres front and back, painted swingarm and front forks. I have also removed old exhaust and added a downpipe...
  17. What year is this Dommi

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys I'm new to the forum. I'm from Cape Town South Africa. I recently purchased a Honda Dominator. This one was a grey import as Honda never brought the Dominator to South Africa. The bike is registered as a 1996 model, but is an RD02. I understand that the RD02 changed to an RD08 in 1995...
  18. battery problem - flat in 2 days

    the battery was flat 2 days ago, left it on an overnight charge, just went to try it out and flat as a pancake. i changed the battery 4 months ago so its new. can anyone help with suggestions as to what the cause may be. i have added extra driving lights and a USb socket but i cant imagine it...
  19. Sold: Tom Tom Urban Rider

    For Sale / Wanted
    Bought this in 2008, still in excellent conditions and I have added European maps to it. Upgraded recently to a FIVE and this is up for grab. Paid £ 150 new and spent another £ 60 odd on upgraded maps. If interested PM me (sensible offers pls) . You will need to buy a rack a I do not have the...
  20. Rugged Roads

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, I bought a 2000 AT a few weeks ago and like most of us want to start kitting the bike out for some major African trip (which may never happen...:)) I saw the Rugged Roads site and actually started making my wish list. There are so much I want there.... I sent them an email....and...