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  1. Forum login problems.. anyone else?

    I seem to be jinxed on this forum Suddenly I can't login (under "ds99") I tried resetting password - it says "email address not recognised" So I try and old email address, and weirdly, that works. I get an email saying: You have requested to reset your password on Honda Trail Bike Forums...
  2. Anyone else having trouble with this site?

    It wont let me change my email address in "settings" It doesn't email me when I get a private message It doesn't email me when there is a reply to a thread I am subscribed to All this seems to have started a few days ago Is anyone else having these problems?
  3. Wanted: XRV 750 front brake calipers (right and left)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, looking for set good conditions front brake calipers (right and left) for RD04 (year 1991). With possibility to ship to my address in Lithuania.
  4. For Sale: BMW 1977 R60/7 low mileage free Tax MOT

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD BMW 1977 R60/7 low mileage free Tax MOT SOLD
  5. For Sale 2017 Brand New Yamaha YZF-R6.$7,199

    Dominator / FMX
    Selling Brand New Yamaha Year 2017 Model Number YZF-R6 Mileage (Five) For More Yamaha Products visit our website Website address www . esellibuy . com
  6. Need some help

    I need a bit of specialist advice regarding my sons Yamaha DT 125 LC project so if Nick in Brum shows up in any of the posts could you kindly ask him to PM me or send me his e mail address..We are having electrical issues and Nick knows about these bikes...I have sent a PM to him but he hasnt...
  7. It still works!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, It’s been a while since I was last here. I have a RWB 03 XRV 750 that has lived in a bush for the last 10 years. I know serious neglect but this weekend I have had it shipped to my new address. Seat off, jump leads out, phew not seized it turns over on the starter motor and tried to...
  8. For Sale: XRV 750- Stefter sprocket; Honda front sprocket + lock tab; used drive shaft 9.9/10

    For Sale / Wanted
    1) Sold 2) Sold 3) A lightly used OEM Honda Main Output Shaft for RD04 / 07, Part Number 23220-MV1-000. In excellent condition with negligible / if any wear to the splines. £50 all inc, "posted" to a Uk address. Parts can be posted internationally by negotiation and contribution to any...
  9. Africa twin Weak points

    Africa Twin
    Hi I'm rebuilding this rd04 and want it to be a bike I can use a lot and be reliable so I'd like to address areas which might cause a problem now it's got new chain and sprockets.its had a new rectifier when last used a new battery and I'm looking at a facet or new points for the fuel pump. Any...
  10. For Sale: Transalp XL600V Remus Silencer

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a used Remus Innovation silencer for sale to fit Transalp 600. £125 plus P&P to a UK address.
  11. North Wales --> France & Spain --> North Wales

    Well I've decided that the easiest way to do my recent tour trip write up is going to be in the form of a blog. That way it's going to be more easily readable than by inserting a few random images on here. So, to date I've managed to write up the first half of the journey covering North Wales...
  12. XR 600 wheel bearings & spacers info required please.

    Can anyone give me the dimensions (dia, bore, width & any identifying part numbers) on the rear bearings. I want to source my own. Oil seals too please. Also I'm able to make my own stainless wheel spacers at work - I'd really appreciate some details of the size of the spacers too. I can supply...
  13. For Sale: Givi top box adaptor for Transalp

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a Givi adaptor plate to fit the Givi Monokey topcases to (1997-1999) Transalps. I am pretty certain this plate also fits RD04 Africa Twins (possibly RD07's) and earlier Dominators but you would need to check to make sure, basically it bolts to the existing rack, I am certain I used it on...
  14. For Sale: Wild Country Bike/back packing tent

    For Sale / Wanted
    Afternoon all, Im moving on another tent from collection. I have a very very lightly used WC Solace tent in vgc condition, although classed as a one man this is one man plus a spot of gear. Not only that it has decent headroom to sit up and cook/ change etc. It also comes with a nice little...
  15. For Sale: 1990 RD04 - Ulaanbaator (UK registered)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Fancy a ride Mongolia to UK? UK registered 1990 RD04 92,000 km in great condition. I have just finished London to Ulaanbaator and have decided to sell the bike here in UB rather than ship. The bike didn't miss a beat, except for a regulator in Poland. It comes with a very long list of spares...
  16. XR250R/XLR250/BAJA oil cooler

    hi,i have a low milage import '94 xlr250 very similar to the pic on the haynes cover,in good straight unmolested and sound condition,as always there will be a few questions which i know will be answered here,in order of what i feel is most important, 1,my bike is the non battery/non oilcooler...
  17. For Sale: Honda Africa Twin 650 RD03 Mint

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I have decided to sell my Mint RD03 i imported it in 2012 it has all the original options even the toolkit is in the side panel :-) and in stunning condition Started on Sunday after a few turns after getting a new battery , she has only had 2 owners in her life Me and a bike mechanic, in Aix en...
  18. Dr Beans Pump Mod

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Does any one know the E Mail address of the guy who goes by the name of Dr Bean in Holland who makes the digital replacement kit for the africa twin/KTM 950 fuel pump points. Cheers Ray
  19. Your help needed

    We are starting a new business, motorcycle tours in Greece.. we have compiled a questionnaire to ensure that we are offering the service you want.. If you have 5 minutes and are feeling good please leave your email address so I can forward it.. Thank you in advance.. Victoria.
  20. FlexRide from Bikesure

    Vendor Deals
    Hi guys and girls, Hope you don’t mind a new thread. Bikesure Insurance now offer a new extra benefit which is available to add to a policy called FlexRide. In short, if you have the ‘Riding other bikes’ extension on your policy, which will only give you cover against third party risks, this...