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  1. CRF1000L - Batzen Screen adjuster ...SOLD

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale one Battzen screen adjuster for the CRF1000L. Plenty of reviews out there on how this can transform the bikes airflow. Video review Uses...
  2. For Sale: RD07A Headlight Front Subframe

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just had this subframe professionally sandblasted and powdercoated in gloss black. Came up well - probably better than new as Factory finish is terrible. All rubber bushings present and undamaged. Came off a 2001 RD07A - guaranteed straight. My understanding is that this part only fits this...
  3. For Sale: 4 ltrs Silkolene Comp 4 10w-40 only £31.16

    For Sale / Wanted
    20% Off web site price with voucher code COMP4 4 litres £31.16 | 1 litre £7.19 Silkolene Comp 4 10w-40 is one of our most popular 4T engine oils and what's more we currently have it on offer! In addition to this offer we are also giving 15% Off all Gear Oils with voucher code GEAR15 and 15%...
  4. IMPORTANT - forum security warning - watch your personal data

    When was compromised ages ago, DaveS was quick in his response to safeguard our data and minimise any loss. Under the new ownership, I don't think we can have confidence in the same level of commitment from Verticalscope to the safeguarding of our data. For this reason I suggest...
  5. £25 off Anakee 2 tyre pairs

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Just idly checking out tyre prices and have found that Crossan Motorcycles are doing Anakee 2 pairs with a £25 cash back to UK addresses (they say that details to claim the cashback will be provided - I'll ring them tomorrow). So, for the Transalp 650 with 90/90-21 and 120/90-17 tyre sizes that...
  6. TRO request in Kent

    Taken from the ABR site, yet another TRO Ok so its another TRO and its in Kent but you don't have to live there or be in the TRF to object. You Pay road Tax so you have the right to use it no matter where you live. It's about your rights to enjoy our countryside on LEGAL byways. Last time just...
  7. Email addresses

    I may be moving house soon and would like to keep my existing email address. I contacted my ISP (Pipex) whom I’m quite happy with and with whom I intend to stay with and spoke to a couple of geezers about this who both seemed pretty clueless about this but who both vaguely mentioned it might be...