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  1. Adios Transalp

    I've just said a sad goodbye to my fourth Transalp. A 2,600 mile trip to the south of Spain and back earlier in the year made me realise that the Transalp's performance limitations, while part of its charm, make it less than ideal for covering long distances in a hurry. And in my case 'in a...
  2. Blonde moment ?

    Yes not had a good day today:confused: first thought I`d do the oil and filter checked I had the stuff so warmed bike up, then dropped oil and filter , opened new filter box and YES it had old oil filled filter in there:clown: phoned local bike dealer for a new filter £8.50 he says :lol: Adios...
  3. touratech seat

    Africa Twin
    Is the dual sportseat worth the money? I get a sore arse riding any kind of distance on the original.Just finished a trip from London to Alicante via Andorra and Barcelona on the national roads...too tight to pay the toll roads you see.1340 miles and loved every minute of it...even in the wet...
  4. Two days to Horizon's meeting adventure

    So there was i all prepared for the Horizons meet last Thursday. My girlfriend was not feeling well, so i told her to take it easy and we would leave tomorrow (Friday) On Friday we set off, we got as far junction 10 of the M11, i got a rear puncture(Puncture number 1). For those of you that...