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  1. XL
    HONDA XLX250R or XL350R Ive just pulled my carbs off & both slides nearly lift together Can someone tell me how to adjust them so the r/h slide lifts later thanks
  2. Africa Twin
    Hello, Balam from Mexico here. I have undertaken the task of calibrating my valves. All went well with rear cylinder, but my front cylinder has a problem. Intakes valves are good. Exhaust valve is waaaaay too tight. I can get no feeler gauge in! What's going on? Is my timing chain off? Is the...
  3. Transalp
    Hi all. My choke won't stay open on my bike. I can Pull it open revs pick up all perfect but it seems Like there is a bit of force pulling the lever back closed? Can't seem to work it out. Has anyone come across Is there anything to adjust? Your wisdom would be much appreciated. Cheers...
  4. Varadero
    Hi all, Is there a easyer way to set the mixture on a 125cc? Going by haynes screw the pilot screw it in until it seats then back out 2 3/4 turns then adjust to find highest consistent idle speed then screw back in to drop idle speed 50 rpm then back out 3/4. And you need a rev counter with...
  5. Varadero
    Just curious if anyone has a step by step video showing the procedure for valve check and adjustment. I ride a 2008 XL1000 with approx. 44,000 kilometers on the odometer. Or does anyone have any helpful tips?
  6. Transalp
    How the heck do you get a C spanner onto the shock locknut and adjuster nut without cutting the back end off the bike? Its got me stumped. TIA.
  7. Africa Twin
    I suddenly realised I have been riding my recon RD04 for 12,000 miles. Effectively that is 12,000 miles from new (even though the engine had done 65,000 before the recon). I have changed the oil and oil filter three times in that 12,000 miles but done nothing else - just abused it. I'm going...
  8. XR
    G'day everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has a 1982 XR250R service manual pdf of just a photo of the page/s I need, I had one not long ago but when I sold my old 81 XL500S I sold the manual with it, I need to know how to wire the headlight and adjust the tappets, when I start my XR250 you...
  9. Transalp
    Hello from Greece. I have just bought a 03 TA and would like to ask you guys if there is a fuel reserve switch like the AT or a reserve light when fuel is low? Also, is there a thread with pics that I can use to adjust the preload?
  10. Varadero
    How do you..... A/ Get the big Dero on to it's main stand without having a heart attack or a hernia? Got a second hand 05 VA Dero which came complete with the Honda main stand and topbox plus panniers. I want to lubricate/ adjust the rear chain without having to roll it backwards and forwards...
  11. Africa Twin
    Πωλείται ΚΑΛΥΜΜΑ ΟΡΓΑÎ�ΩÎ� AFRICA TWIN 750 1999-2000 - € 20 EUR - i m from greece and i fixed that cover for my AT now i shell them for 20€ or 32€ carbon sticker covered if u want u can adjust a 12v socket. for a full equiped panel,shippin inclded,price is 45€ thanks
  12. Transalp
    Hi people. what do I need to do to get the covers off to adjust valve clearances. My honda dealer wants £250 to do it, after I have taken all the plastic off. Help.:happy6: Unfortunately I had no replies to this Question so can I take it that it is so difficult that no one has done it ? Cheers
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    I need the L Shaped bracket that shows you how much to adjust the chain. Does anyone also know what other if any other bikes will fit?
  14. Africa Twin
    Hi, please can someone confirm whether I adjust the rear suspension spring length on the side stand or on the centre stand? On my 2001 model the haynes manual states a spring length of 242.7 mm. Thanks
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    Just checking on utube which way to knock the pins out of the strap to adjust a watch size. This battery changing tutorial starts to play as I'm doing it.:confused::rolleyes::confused: Made me laugh........:D:toothy10::color: Watch Battery Replacement - Tag Heuer Watch Battery Replacement -...
  16. Transalp
    Hi all, i'm still trying to get to the bottom of my engine rattle ( ta 89' ) i changed the rear cam chain tensioner and the noise is still there, really seems to be coming from the front now. I took the cam cover off and cranked the the engine to FT on the inspection hole but this doesn't put...
  17. Transalp
    Hi guys, I wish to adjust the rear shock absorber. I know this is done regarding to rider's weight. Do you know the table adjust vs. weight? It doesn't appear in the service manual, only how to adjust. Thanks, Amos.
  18. Africa Twin
    Hi I'm trying to adjust the preload on my RD07 rear shock and having bother moving the castle nut at the top. I know it's probably a stupid question but before I do any is anti clockwise to loosen this nut isn't it ? Cheers
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    Noticed of late lots of differing font sizes appearing. I have just got one of those tablet jobbies and I know many use phones instead of the "old way" on a PC. I never adjust the forum preset font size unless I want to shout. How come there are so many differing sizes, even in my own posts...
  20. Suzuki
    My gear lever is a bit loose and doesn't seem to have enough left to tighten it to the shaft. I've looked on line for a replacement but they seem few and far between on this island. Do alternative models have the same ones? Or shall I break out the Dremel clone and 'adjust' the gap? :)
1-20 of 39 Results