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  1. New prototype of rear parcel shelf for RD07

    Africa Twin
    Second version of a multifunction rear rack. The prototype is bead blasted raw aluminum for now. Installation requires to remove the flimsy plastic rear rack. This first prototype will require only minor adjustments before entering in production. I may produce a batch for a group buy on the...
  2. MX Boots and shifter

    Hello friends , another selly question from a noob :) i just bought Oneal boot and its too bulky but nice..problem is.. i tried on and got on the bike. no way to shift up no way to put ur toe under the padal the padal is already high..not too high anyway but i mean no further adjustments i...
  3. mig Exhaust AT RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a louder exhaust and I saw a used MIG exhaust online. Would anyone know if it's a good one? He has fitted a home made silencer in because it was to loud but I'll decide that when I buy it. Do I need to make any adjustments on the carbs (tuning/replace jets, etc)? I don't...
  4. CRF250R exhaust on my flat tracker

    Dominator / FMX
  5. Rear shock adjustments

    Africa Twin
    Is there any adjustments that can be made on the rear shock on my RD07a,i don't need to make any at the moment but may do when I carry a pillion.I can't see any adjuster on the reservoir cylinder only the lockrings on the main spring on the shock itself,am I missing something? :confused:
  6. New member, first allroad, from holland

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I am Jack living near Gouda, the netherlands and I just bought my first AT, its a bonestock purple 1994 RD07 in very very good condition with around 50000 kilometer on the clock. Have been driving an old BMWR60/6 and a few motorscooters SH125, SW600 and NSS250 before but as I am 6.4 the AT...
  7. Rude nude avatars

    Ah hem! gentleman AND ladies, It has been drawn to the attention of the moderators that there appears to be a competition to see who can get away with the rudest avatar before the big bad nasty moderators take action.:hitler: We know you are all having a laugh and trying it on, so rather than...
  8. Project makeover complete!

    Dominator / FMX
    After deciding to hang on to this one for the summer i thought i'd make some adjustments, as nice as the military style was, i thought a plain silver would be just as good :) BEFORE................ AFTER.................
  9. XR650R Ride Height Adjustments

    Hi All I want to lower my rear ride height on my XR650. It has always been too high for my liking as the previous owner was bigger than me and this suited him. Is it just a case of loosening rear shock spring lock ring and winding out spring retainer? Or have completely simplified a far more...
  10. Main stand and price adjustments

    Africa Twin
    Just ordered a set of main stands for my RD03. Funny thing though, a OEM stand for my RD03 would cost med 1 900 Swedish crowns were as a OEM stand for the RD04 was "only" 1 000:- So, I really hope the RD04 stand will fit my RD03, 'cause thats what I ordered. The grabrail for the RD04 will...
  11. Rear spring adjustments.

    Africa Twin
    i fitted a recon shock to my @ about 4 months ago -its all good, but its wound right out so its really springy...and i want to stiffen it up a bit. in the past ive used my modified heavy drift with a couple of clobs on the hammer and the castellated undoes.. However, this one seems to be a...
  12. Valve adjustments

    Africa Twin
    Hey! Ive been rıdıng my Afrıca Twın for about 20,000 km since I bought it (it now has a bit over 85k total) and was starting to think about what kind of maintence I might need to be doing for it. The chain, Tires, and brakes have all be replaced, as well as regular oil changes - but I was...