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  1. ADR compliancing a Transalp for Australian import

    Hi, Has anyone ADR Complianced a Transalp for Australian import recently (mine is mostly stock 1996 600)? Is there much to be done? Only changes I've found on here is that I need to cover up the mph on my speedo; not sure if that's just the 'MPH' or all of the numbers and markings as well...
  2. New kid on the block. XR250 with 400 carb???

    Hi guys! I've been around this forum for some time now but mainly on the AT area. I've now bought a funny race XR250 with a blown engine and came to the conclusion that the carb that came with it is way too big for this size engine. It's a 37mm ID and 44mm OD. It looks exactly as the 400/600...
  3. Which Bike?

    Other Bikes
    I was wondering if someone could help me out, im stuck i dont know which bike to buy, i like the feel of a 2 stroker, and plan to do mainly trail/enduro riding. i like the exc 200, but i need a light bike under 100kg with a low-medium seat hight, and adr aproved, what do you think? Anyone who...