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  1. Long time no speak! Finding some AT film locations...

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, it's been a while, hope you are all well and loving your new / old ATs :D Sold mine, didn't want to but ironically the difference from an older GS funded our ADV to Spain to hunt down some of those Africa Twin film locations from the original marketing videos. Can't make this up if you...
  2. ADV Scotland Rally 2018

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Guys I have not posted in some time, but I do visit the transalp section quite often to do research etc , still an excellent resource I thought I would post about our rally in May and welcome anyone that would like to attend. ADV SCOTLAND OUTWEST RALLY 2018 A New Year, another...
  3. Wanted: KTM parts for fork conversion

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, Managed to track down a good condition pair of ktm 950 Adv forks which has literally taken years of checking ebay now and again. I was wandering if anyone had also started doing a conversion and had any ktm bits laying about. I'm after: front wheel or preferably just the hub full front...
  4. ADV Scotland 2017 May Rally

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hello XRVers We have a few spaces left if anyone is interested in attending this years ADV Scotland Rally (Friday 26th May to Sun 28th May), located again at our wonderful location at Sunart Camping , Strontian . You can find more info here . ADV SCOTLAND OUTWEST RALLY 2017 Post here , or...
  5. Another silly video - Filming your next adventure.....

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Yet another video.... As the bike season is upon us and our thoughts turn to ADV Riding / Touring, what camera will you be buying to capture the big trip? Don't be buying a DJI Osmo...... sigh..... :(
  6. CRF1000L ADV helmet - anyone got issues?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I am thinking of getting a Shoei Hornet ADV lid :D but I have seen the odd You Tube Vid and comment about ADV helmets vibrating or there's extra noise because of the "fork tunnel" on the AFrica Twin CRF1000L - basically wind / air streaming up through the forks that disrupts the 'peak'...
  7. Another silly video I've made :) My Africa Twin ADV Part 1

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, The penny has eventually dropped - I'll not be going to Mongolia or Morocco on my new Africa Twin or having 40,000 mile RTW experience :( But, do you really need to ride so far to have your own little adventure? :D Have a laugh at my latest silly video.....
  8. adv and enduro riding in serbia

    Hi! I'm new here, and thank you for accepting me in this nice company! I’m from Serbia, and I’m adv and enduro/hard enduro rider. We got here a beautiful nature and almost all year round moto season! We got a beautiful nature, mountains, distant roads and places, trails and offroads and I'd like...
  9. hello from Waterford , Ireland

    Africa Twin
    hey Folks just joined the forum .. as I sold my BMW R1200 ADV just bought myself a 00 Africa Twin Rd07a... she is a little bit of a labour of love. many many years of being ignored and left out in the rain (rust and wiring issues) but going to return her to full glory.. the site has been a...
  10. Am I a slacker? (chain slack)

    Africa Twin
    heya, I posted this on ADV as well but I wanted to access more thoughts on the subject. The video shows the chain slack on my bike - I don't know how old it is but the chain tensioner is at minimum so I assume it's reasonably new. Thoughts?
  11. Think we might need a new forum

    Africa Twin
    Rumour: Royal Enfield building an ADV bike - Canada Moto Guide
  12. ADV Scotland May Rally 2015 (everyone welcome )

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    ADV Scotland May Rally 2015 29th May to Sun 31st May 2015 Location : SunArt Camping Granite Square Strontian Argyll PH36 4HZ We still have a few spaces left for the rally at the end of the Month. If your interested you are more than welcome to come along to join in...
  13. Using a bike computer (sigma) as a replacement for a trip meter

    Africa Twin
    I have been reading on ADV that a lot of vstrom owners put sigma bike computers on their bikes as the speedo on a vstrom is crap. Anyway I need a trip meter replacement and been looking at the sigmas but the gap between the spoke magnet and the recurved is 1/2 an inch Max. Can any manner be used...
  14. wanted xr250r centre stand

    Hi Does anyone know if such a thing may be bought? Been on HUBB, Adv, Thumpertalk too... Chris
  15. For Sale: Several OEM, Power Parts and Aftermarkets for KTM LC8 ADV

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, 950-990 ADV KTM Power Parts/Touratech Panniers Frame/Holder in very good used condition. It comes with upgraded screws. It suits all Touratech-Zega alu panniers, Hepco-Bakers Gobi panniers and KTM Power Parts alu and Gobi panniers. £ 130.00 plus shipping. 950-990...
  16. For Sale: Wulfsport Enduro/ADV jeans

    For Sale / Wanted
    Wulfsport Enduro/ADV jeans 3XL Purchased these jeans a fortnight ago but had not tried them on and they are a wee bit too big on me with the liner removed for summer use. Body armour fitted at thigh and knees, although personally, I would remove the knee armour and wear strap on protectors...
  17. New ADV bike

    Other Bikes
    Saw a link earlier today that is worth a look, albeit not worth buying?? Great styling mind M1nsk
  18. Adv scotland

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    HI, Any one going to the ADV SCOTLAND out west rally next week end , Ill be going up early Thursday , Ian:thumb:
  19. Honda NX400 Falcon

    This is South American version of the XR400, detuned slightly for longer life and service intervals, lower and far more comfortable for road work. Also has a stronger rear subframe for load carrying. (me?) I love the comment I read where it was described as an ideal 3rd World bike, robust and...
  20. Service intervals on 990

    Everything Orange - KTM
    What is/are the service intervals and requirements on a 990 ADV, say under 20k miles? Yeah, I know, I'm looking.... again :rolleyes: Found an interesting looking deal on a low miler.