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  1. Spark plugs on 650

    Spark plugs on 650 fire simultaneously? If not, what is the advantage, if there is any, of having 2 spark plugs firing non-simultaneously in each cylinder.
  2. 16k service for a 2007 Vara

    I am taking advantage of the Xmas holiday to service the bike. I have read the owners manual which says that I need to do oil and plugs, as well as checking chain, brakes and other obvious bits. Is there anything else I should be checking, lubricating, greasing etc? I use the Vara as a daily...
  3. Subscribing / not subscribing

    Could someone in the know i.e a mod or someone tell me what the advantage and perks of subscribing are these day over not subscribing only asking as i have no idea anymore how the change of ownership has effected things. Thanks
  4. hi guys long time....

    Africa Twin
    not been around for ages had bad accident dont want to take advantage of site but need help selling my helmet.... can be checked out here on ebay... eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace thx hope all is well xx
  5. One advantage of not riding the bike to Newcastle

    Wireless internet access on the GNER train. How sad is that? Checked my emails then logged on to see what you lot were up to. Help me I think I am addicted.