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  1. Nx650 Scrambler Build

    Dominator / FMX
    Well it's been some time in the making but my first custom bike build is now complete.:D Got to the point where I just wanted it on the road, so still a bit 'ratty' and might strip it all down again one day. But just passed it's MOT and already chucking about some green lanes. To be used and...
  2. New owner saying hi

    Dominator / FMX
    New owner saying hi - fuelling help Hi all, I picked up my first 1999 nx650 Dominator this weekend after many years of sports bikes and wanting a change to something with a bit more comfort and adventure in mind. It's not my first thumper as I owned a XT600 after passing my test but being so...
  3. HU Travellers meeting in Romania

    Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide and Moto-Camp Cisndioara, helped by a handful of friends, organizes the first Horizons Unlimited traveler meeting in Romania at Sebeşu de Sus, Sibiu County, at the foothills of the Făgăraș Mountains. There will be at a lot of presentations about traveling to exotic...
  4. Ace Cafe Adventure bike day - photos

    Africa Twin
    photos from yesterday's event i spotted 3 or 4 750 africa twins
  5. Ace Cafe Adventure bike day - pics

    photos from today i spotted three 650 Transalps there and one 600...
  6. 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Owners Manual

    Africa Twin
    I'm taking delivery of a new 2018 Africa Twin Adventure Sport this afternoon but I won't be getting the owners manual until later next week. Do you know where to get an electronic copy of the owners manual and also how do you run-in the engine on the new bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Honda CB750A Hondamatic-an adventure bike-perhaps

    Other Honda
    I have got the CB750A sorted and have done a few miles on it now the weather has improved. Its different, obviously with the 2 speed and torque converter transmission, most definitely not a racer, but they are used for drag racing in US slightly, VERY modified! Great for bumbling along the...
  8. Recommend me a mechanic

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Back in the uk after an adventure in Spain, based in the east London, Essex area still have my 2002 RD08 Dominator and want to get it back on the road it' been all over Spain and I'd like to just hand it over to someone to have the engine looked at it' developed a few rattles and runs a bit...
  9. Questions RD04 Overhaul

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I have 2 RD04's and want to overhaul one completely (and for now use the 2th one as spare parts. maybe I can still put it to service if I don't have to strip it down too much.the thread of a spark plug is broken anyway :/) Purpose is to have a complete "new" AT which I can use for daily...
  10. Honda designs new adventure bike?

    Transalp And whilst this motorcycle doesn’t ape back to the glory days of Honda’s early Adventure motorbikes like a Transalp or an XR, it does ape the styling and key selling points of that original German bike from...
  11. Ace Cafe adventure bike day - Sun 18th March 2018

    Anyone here going?
  12. For Sale: 1999 xrv750 boano

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I recently bought this bike off a friend but have decided it's just not for me. He had spent a small fortune on it getting it to what it is now. I would say that the only thing that lets it down slightly is a few marks on the frame. I preferred my ktm 950 adventure and regret selling that...
  13. XR400 which piston ring goes at the top?

    My shiny new piston and rings have arrived but which ring goes to the top? There is no edge profile to worry about but one ring clearly has a shiny edge and the other is dull. There is no marking to indicate which is the top either. So lets have a group guess shall we?????? Many thanks. Ben...
  14. New Africa Twin build videos

    Africa Twin
    In a general search for motorcycle factory build videos found these for the CRF1000 AT, better than the Christmas edition of?? 2016 Honda Africa Twin CRF Production Line / Assembly Videos & Pictures - Go inside the Manufacturing Plant! | Honda-Pro Kevin
  15. New Transalp from Honda?

    Interesting... Honda Africa Twin 'little brother' on the way | MCN ---- Honda Africa Twin 'little brother' on the way Published: Today 13:38 Ke nji Morita, Large Project Leader for the Africa Twin The Honda Africa Twin is a well-balanced adventure bike that’s perfect for two-up...
  16. Where have all the big trail bikes gone?

    Other Bikes
    I was at the NEC for Motorcycle Live this week, and whilst the pages of the motorcycling press are plastered with "Adventure Bikes", it was noticeable that there weren't any big trail bikes at the show. If you want to spend £20k on 125+bhp and 250kg of touring bike on long travel suspension then...
  17. Romania Guidebooks

    Want to make plans for 2018? The 55 tracks from our adventure guidebooks are the best place to start! You will get: offroad and tarmac routes, maps, GPS tracks, descriptions, accommodations, sights, tracks over all the mountains passes of Romania and much more. Also you get the Touring Romania...
  18. New AT dct 《9k!

    Africa Twin
    Anyone looking for a new AT CRF1000, brand new dct models can be had for under 9k with 3 yrs interest free. Strikes me as a relative bargain! Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
  19. XL700 tool kit

    Hello! I'm off to Africa in a few days to ride an XL700 for a while and I don't have one at home, I was wondering if you could recommend the most commonly needed tools and sizes for the bike? I'd love to arrive ready to change a tyre, tighten a chain etc. Any help gratefully received! Thanks :p
  20. For Sale: Stylmartin DUNA BOOTS

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi! For sale is my practically new boots Stylmartin DUNA boots. This is very comfortable boot for adventure riding with which you can also walk all day. They are not awkward. Looks very good. I use it just 500km and they are like new. Size is EU45. They where bought for my africa twin. AT gone...