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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    yamaha Xtz 750 super tenere, not KTM, Honda, adventurer. dakar special | eBay there's something about it that's good. Just can't put my finger on it
  2. Africa Twin
    Jimbo XRV old and New Hi All Just thought I would pop on and say Hi, this was our AT in 95, great bike which (as with most bikes) wish we never sold: Anyway, after attending the ACE Adventurer day yesterday, defo on the look out for another clean example - (Won't let it go again) !
  3. BMW
    Thinking of buying a gs 1200 adventurer, any production years etc to avoid, & what should I be looking for on a used gs, Looking at a 1200 06 with 42,000miles with full bmw history, Thanks, Ian.
  4. Varadero
    Hi, Every one, Yesterday I was tempted by a 09 gs adventurer 1800 yes 1800 miles, up at a local yamaha dealer for just over £9000, On the way traveling 0n my 08 varadero I soon started to wonder why I wanted to change !, After a few more fast twisty peg down bends & with the raw of the scorpion...
  5. Travel
    Hello everyone, we are Rob and Ben the administrators of Rogue Terrain Bike Tours, we have been on this forum as Robjoe twins but hardly got the chance to fully utilise and participate in the forum due to working crazy hours and also being out of the county most of the time.My good friend Carl...
  6. Everything Orange - KTM
    Is there anyone near to me in Brighton that fancies helping me fit a new Clutch slave to a KTM Adventurer. It looks fairly simple but that's what I thought the last time I bodged a job. The Stealers can't fit me in till end of the week and i was hoping to have a go at it on Monday??
  7. Everything Orange - KTM
    I have just sold my GS and the problem is I have started reading these threads about adventures. Could anyone tell me how much you should be looking to pay for an 04/05 (Private ) and any problems you should look out for Thanks Pancho
  8. Other Bikes
    I am bound to be flamed to death, but i am going to say it anyway. I had a go on a brand new BMW GS1200 Adventurer yesterday, i had the bike for 3 hours and i can honestly say that i have never been so happy in my life to hand the keys back !!!! i thought it was a total piece of S*$T It is way...
1-8 of 8 Results