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  1. Got through the MOT today but a few advisories!!!

    Africa Twin
    Put my RD07a through the MOT today, she passed but a few advisories along the way, most of which I knew about or expected anyway:( 1) Front suspension assembly slightly corroded. Bottom yolk has a little surface rust, how many don't that haven't been painted!! 2) Rear wheel spoke slightly...
  2. For Sale: 1997 Africa Twin

    For Sale / Wanted
    1997 Africa Twin - SOLD [SOLD] My AT is up for sale, bought in April 11' off this very forum, see below; 1997 RD-07 Africa Twin - Silver (with black / red) 49k miles Tax until March 2012 MOT until...
  3. Sold: Africa Twin for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    1997 RD-07 Africa Twin - Silver (with black / red) Good bits... 44k miles Tax until March 2012 MOT until April 2012 (No advisories) SW Motech engine bars (black) Givi Pannier racks Metal aftermarket chain guard Metal dashboard / clock surround type thing. Quill Evo2 Exhaust (i think it sounds...
  4. someone who understands !!

    took me beast in for mot today.....sailed through with no advisories especially for chain play. at last someone who understands the difference between road / adventure bike chain play and takes the time to read the sticker info on swing arm............well done that man !!:thumb:
  5. TKC80 two week old... Cause for concern

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Had a set of TKC80 put on the Africa twin. Initially felt strange but getting used to them but.... Took it for the Mot and it was pointed out that some (about 6) of he nibbles had cracks next to them... How old are they says mot'er... 2 weeks sez I Mmmm sez he, where you get them from? From you...
  6. whats a fair price

    What's it worth?
    I have a 1998 600 Transalp in black, 29K miles, braided ss brake pipes, Laser exhaust, Alloy rims and ss spokes, givi luggage and rack. One did 500 miles last year, stored in a garage under a dust sheet, battery charged as and when engine turned over and given a short ride every couple of...
  7. Oh Dear MOT failure

    Mechanical Advice
    No biggy, brake light not working off rear pedal, on closer inspection its not likely to as the spring has snapped......Doh other than that a couple of advisories.....1...exhaust excessively loud (yeah right), 2....Chain too slack (don't know how many times I've got to tell this guy NO ITS NOT)...
  8. For Sale: 2001 rd07a

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    For very reluctant sale (knackered back, leaking roof & stroppy wife) 2001 RD07A - 10,000 miles. Very good condition, completely original with owners handbook & tool kit. Stored in a dry garage under a cover all of it's life & started regularly when not in use. Full MOT (done this week, no...
  9. MOT today

    Africa Twin
    I've ridden my bike less than a BMW owner waiting for a warranty claim this last month or so, just couldn't face riding to work on it, been taking the car instead. However, today the bike was booked in for it's MOT test. Anyway, it passed. Clean sweep, no advisories, not been washed since...
  10. Newbie, with no tacho, need help

    Africa Twin
    Howdy folks, I've just bought an AT -RD04, from a friend who has had it garaged for a couple of years, we charged the battery up and it started first time, so I thought 'that's the very fellow for me', and bought it there and then. It passed the MOT today no probs and no advisories, so far I've...
  11. TA 600 just failed MOT

    As the title says. It failed on excessive rear wheel play (in other words needs new bearings) Chain too loose and with deformed links. And the Steering lock not working(not that i ever use it) On the advisories i got: Fluctuation on brake effort on brake test. Cracked number plate. Not...