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  1. Do We Need a 'DEVIL'S ADVOCATE' Forum?

    Yes you do! ..........
  2. Time for change?

    A bit heavy for a Sunday, but there you go... I am a bit of a fan of green. The colour, but also the energy policy. That is not to say I am a luddite: I still enjoy riding stuff with engines, but I am becoming obsessive about MPG! I'm an advocate to small and medium scale changes to avoid...
  3. Bit scared now

    Well after 7 years of being the Lead Nurse Practitioner in general surgery I've finished. My last shift was Wednesday and I start my new job as Senior Nurse tomorrow. I had a fantastic leaving party with both doctors and nurses that I have worked with over the 7 years coming to say...
  4. NOT CHILD SAFE - Whens this madness going to stop!

    Or be stopped! disgust. Returned to quiet village apparently not so quiet any more to see my folks last night. I then popped to see some freinds who were doing the same. On returning to my folks I found the neighbours wall half kicked over with a big plant pot strewn all over the road...
  5. K.I.S.S.

    Wee Jack is a big advocate of K.I.S.S. -(Keep It Simple Stupid). One of the reasons I opted for the Alp - simple technology for a simple wee guy. If the Alp blew a tailight bulb , Wee Jack would swing bye Halfords or the BP station on my way home, buy a new bulb, lift the seat, take oot the...