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  1. Africa Twin
    anyone know if its possible to fit KN filters directly to the carbs ( is there enough room) ? And will it effekt the way the motor run ? I would love to get rid of all those plastic boxes and rubber hoses. TIA Karsten
  2. Africa Twin
    OK, so lot money gone into bike so far. i know reg req is serious problem on all hondas, anyone recomend a mosfet one or good brand aftermarked i can buy while bike being fixed. Also CDI i hear there is issue with these 2
  3. cdi

    Dominator / FMX
    i was just riding last week and my dommy just cut off. i stopt on the side off the road and had the feeling it was the CDI. after pushing and pulling it a few times the bike started againg but after driving for a while the same problem again,and with another pull and push on the Cdi it started...
  4. XR
    I´m going to substitute my bike´s plastics, it´s got white side "number plates", and red front and rear fenders. Is there any differences between the red colour of Honda, Acerbis or UFO plastics? Do they turn pink faster than Honda ones, or are they slightly different than the light cowl? I...