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  1. Transalp
    I was thinking of finding an used shock absorber that fits in the frame and linkage of the transalp 600, an rebuild it. It's annoying that the stock damper it's not serviceable, as in change the oil like on the front forks. after some use the oil inside it's just water and I don't agree to pay...
  2. Chatter
    I'm sure we have all thought that as a motorcycling then you are also a better driver too. Well, a study from an insurance underwriting firm, Equity Red Star, has suggested that people who ride motorcycle's are 23% less likely to have a claim in a car than those who don't own a motorcycle...
  3. Chatter
    Some may have come across this before, but I do agree that the puddle defo needs re-assessing a good few times :D Best Friends - a kid, a dog and a puddle - YouTube
  4. Africa Twin Comparison test. Personally, I agree with Bertie Simmons. MOD EDIT: Link added.
  5. Transalp
    I'm seriously looking to sell my Transalp so was looking around for adverts and prices. Came across this sales pitch - A bit strong, but I can only agree.... used Honda Xl 650 V Transalp motorcycles for sale - Used Motorbikes - Bike543
  6. Mechanical Advice
    Was pondering the idea of ABS on a bike - new to riding I haven't much experience but I know that the instructor that took me for the DAS and Enhanced Riders Scheme was against ABS. The theory being that you shouldn't get yourself into a position to need it..... Now I can see two sides to this...
  7. Mini XRVs
    I just cant wait! I get a hole 6 weeks of noo skool! YAY!:thumbright::thumbright::D I have been counting the days and its only about 21 days and that including the weekends!:D I brake up on the 23rd of July! When does anyone else brake up??
1-7 of 9 Results