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  1. Triggers Brush

    Dominator / FMX
    My bike is fast turning into the above :) I've replaced the carburetor, after some unpleasant running problems, the old one looked like it had been to the bottom of the sea. Amongst many other things the kill switch didn't work. Will this one be compatible? NEW REPLACEMENT START STOP/KILL...
  2. Honda XRV750 Fuel Pump Alternative

    Africa Twin
    Hi! I may be repeating something that has already been discussed before, but since I could not find any information about it, here it goes. I found these Honda XRV750 Fuel Pumps for sale on Ebay, at a very good price, with 2 year warranty with no mileage limit, and very similar to the OEM...
  3. Ebay 2401 MILES NX650

    Dominator / FMX
    1990 HONDA NX650 DOMINATOR CLASSIC BIKE NX 560 BARN FIND GARAGE ONLY 2401 MILES! | eBay This one is in amazing condition. Someone needs to hack the back off and build a tracker :bom: Seriously though you wont see many like this. Nothing to do with me just thought it was nice. Honda might want...
  4. How much?

    Africa Twin
    Honda XRV750 AFRICA TWIN XRV XR V ADVENTURE PARIS DAKAR | eBay Very shiny, though....
  5. Prudential Ride London 100 Surrey 21st July 2016 - Bowel Cancer UK

    Charity Events
    Hi All, My son and I are doing this 100 mile cycle ride in aid of Bowel Cancer UK. I am aiming to raise £500 to help them research the disease and support others who went through what I did. 11 years ago I was diagnosed as having Bowel Cancer and long story short it was cut out of me, I made a...
  6. Aid to oil & maintaining chain when touring

    I made this after seeing a thing on google from the USA called a pack a jack but couldnt find them in the uk,the idea is you can lift your back tyre off the ground by about 1 inch so you can spin the rear wheel to wipe the chain down and re lube,i made it for touring when i had a street tripe...
  7. Crash bungs - a great example of stupid

    Dominator / FMX
    Have a look at this: Honda fmx 650 | eBay See the crash bungs? If the bike goes down on the right it's going to smash the clutch cover and oil filter housing. One of the great things about big singles and these Honda big singles in particular is that the engines are so narrow that you can drop...
  8. air filter from china ?

    I have just ordered 5 litres of motul oil and a hi flo hf303 filter for my Transalp 600 of e bay . it worked out cheapest like that . people like me are only a nuisance to bike shops ring up and say how much is this how much is that how much is the other thing then I tell them oh its ok thanks...
  9. 600

    Get bidding all you 600 fanatics
  10. Wanted: Cheap bike, for charity ride

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    A plee for help to support a good cause ! Having lost a family member and watched a close friend battle Cancer last year, I have signed up for this years 'Longest Day Down' charity ride from John o groats to Lands End in 24 hrs. In order to participate I need to purchase a bike for no more...
  11. First Aid for Bikers Courses

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi there I have been a biker for 30+yrs on and off (excuse the pun!) and also a First Aid Instructor. My company TrainAidInc has been delivering Biker specific First Aid Courses for 3 yrs now and the word is spreading - but I'm gonna give it a plug here if I may ! It's a bit raw to me now as...
  12. Biker First Aid course 18th Oct

    Sorry for the short notice but I now have a date for the first aid course I'm organising over on Sat 18th Oct 09:30 - 12:30 £10 each Duffield fire station Derby Road Duffield Derbyshire DE56 4FQ if anyone would like to attend please let me know
  13. Motoscotland and Kirsty's kids

    Charity Events
    Folks. Just a heads up for next weekend of the 2nd and 3rd August. Motoscotland (offroad riding school) are having an open weekend in aid of Kirsty's Kids and if you get the chance please pop along. As well as test rides etc there will be some bikers clubs and riding institutions present. Lots...
  14. Inspection Caps with Hex Heads for your Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    We've had a batch of these manufactured as I've been having a few people with issues on removing the original ones and rounding out the hex key slot. 30mm Crankshaft End Cap - RD03/RD04/RD07/RD07A We have machined these with a 14mm hex head so that you can use the toolkit spanner or socket...
  15. BDG's 10,000 mile ride from Manchester to Mongolia

    10,000 miles from Manchester to Mongolia in aid of Cancer Research and departing today. The route will take me through Europe then Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, back into Kazakhstan, Russia and finally into Mongolia. I was going to use my trusty...
  16. **10 Litre Rear Tank Kit for RD07/07A**

    Africa Twin
    Boano Racing have just started to manufacture this new kit::blob8: Africa Twin RD07/07A (1993-03) - 10litre Rear Fuel Tank Kit This is a direct bolt on replacement for your original rear side panels, and gives you a great fuel capacity increase. No alterations to your bike is required...
  17. eBay: another project Transalp or spares

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    on ebay nothing to do with me honda transalp spares, good wheels and engine sandracing? | eBay
  18. transalp 600 flat tracker anyone ? e bay uk

    what do ya think ? HONDA XL 600V TRANSALP FLAT TRACKER CUSTOM V TWIN | eBay
  19. will these fit an NX650 Domimie

    Dominator / FMX
    HONDA XR 400 1996-2004 98 99 01 02 03 STAINLESS STEEL DOWN / HEADER EXHAUST PIPE | eBay you don't suppose these will fit my Dommie Ro2 (89)
  20. Bikers can do good in the world

    Charity Events
    I am in the process of finalising a UK wide charity ride ( in aid of Motorcycle Outreach) . The XRV forum has the privilege of advanced notice before the official launch at the end of the month. If you like the sound of it, or have ideas to add , then please feel free to express your interest...