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air leak

  1. Random Air spurting sound from under tank/Airbox area

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, i'm new here. Been reading quite a bit about the AT and loads of knowledge here. I just got my AT about a month ago. Its a 2001 model and i have a couple of issues with this beauty. 1) idling is low during first start up and bike requires choke each time. Just a quick pull of the choke...
  2. Exhaust backfire

    Hola! mY '04 TA backfires and pops when I let off the throttle. Just just started. This winter I rebuilt the vacuum actuated fuel valve and I installed a Scotoiler for the rear chain. Both of these pull vacuum from the nipple on the rear cylinder inlet. The bike never backfired before I...
  3. Experience with aftermarket carb membranes/diaphragms???

    Africa Twin
    Anyone fitted these on their AT's? I fitted last year some locally made (some sort of rubberized canvas). Problem is that they aren't as elastic as original ones and I couldn't get rich mixture when tried to adjust it with Colortune plug. There is no air leak so I am thinking that the problem...
  4. New Dom, needs work!

    Dominator / FMX
    So I'm a newbie here and hope to pick up a few tips in forum. I picked up this NX650 J for a few quid and now starting to get stuck in. The front brake was siezed solid so I freed it up and replaced the seals in the caliper. It wouldn't bleed so I got to work on the master. It was nasty but the...
  5. Stumped by Unsteady Idle

    This is a real head scratcher for me. I picked up a nice 2001 TA a few weeks ago and all is well, apart from this damn idle! The idle fluctuates up and down 2-300 revs with an almost regular pattern. First thing I drained the carb bowl a, clean. Next the plugs, all 4 like new. Air filter...
  6. xl600r pure stress

    Mechanical Advice
    hi, never had a bike thats caused me so much ****, took my stage 3 webcam and kibblewhite valve springs out and gone back to origonal cam and springs, put 122 and 120 jetting back in, trying to get it back standard, now it backfires to hell, wont idle properly, hard to start, giving me ****...
  7. @ Idle speed..

    Africa Twin
    My simba (Project bike) an RD07 suffers from high idle speed when Hot.. It revs at about 2000 rpm mark when I stop at lights, etc.. The idle sometimes drop slowly to below 1000 and sometimes it won't. When stationary and on gear, by letting the Clutch out while breaking, that tend to bring the...
  8. high speed, throttle off/on, bike hesitates

    Africa Twin
    This will be familiar to many of you: riding with revs around 5000rpm in 4th or5th gear. roll off throttle a bit, then roll on, and you get a couple of seconds hesitation. Perfectly possible to ride through it, but obviously not the correct throttle response. The standard answer (high Yen!)...
  9. Inconsistant idle speed

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I have an RD07 1998 with only 2000K's (it been stored and not stored correctly so had a few fuel probs) Finally everything was running sweet, steady tick over at 1200rpm, no hesitations or flat spots and I was happy. Got caught up in traffic in 30C+ temperature and the fans cut in and then...
  10. How to make a better mixture ?

    Dominator / FMX
    How to make a better mixture ? - SOLVED Hello people, I'm having serious problems with my drunk dommie :tard: ! She it's the reserve (13l tank, 89'model) around 140Km (86.99miles), I remember when she do 185Km (114miles). I've taking out the carb, clean up everything twice, but i keep always...
  11. Backfiring since new fuel filter fitted

    Africa Twin
    Hello again! I bougth this used scottoiler off ebay and ever since plugged it in, the engine runs normal but backfires when deacelerating. I have done everything possible to seal the hose properly with zipties, engine silicon, everythin. I even took time to check pressure leaks in the hose...
  12. Nearly New

    Africa Twin
    Just aquired a 17 yr young RD 4 in Thailand needs a bit of TLC. Seller advised CDI was suspect and from inspection it is a 'repaired' unit but engine seems to run strong but exhaust 'pops' a lot on over run - CDI? feels more like exhaust air leak to me any suggestions? Also doesnt like to start...
  13. RD03 carb diaphrams

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm still trying to get to the bottom of my misfire. I've heard mentioned the 2 sets of diaphrams in the carbs are prone to damage. I took both sets out of both carbs but there was no signs of damage. Is it possible that the diaphrams could be worn without showing a tear or hole in...
  14. 250cc Four stroke single wont rev

    Any ideas its fine upto 5000rpm then wont really pull anymore. It pops and bangs ferociously on over run as well. I had the Carb apart and cleaned the jets but its stil rubbish. Im guessing its an air leak but where do i start? It has an automatic decompression that seems to be whirring constantly.
  15. Niggles with my XR 4

    I have my XR 4 from 97. Love the bike, although not yet used to it. Biggest niggle is that it is tempremental to start, pops on the over run and :mad: sometimes stalls at the lights and its a bugger to get going again. The latter happens when its at running temp (or hotter as I have to rev...
  16. Backfire

    Dominator / FMX
    Dolly's developed this very very rare backfire when throttling off :oops: :cry: No other symptoms, like stalling on tickover, and seems to be running perfectly, infact the plug would indicate an A1 burn. Any ideas??? :? Possible air leak on exhaust perhaps ??? :?
  17. whole new idling problem NOW FIXED (and wasn't new at all)

    Africa Twin
    whole new idling problem with the AT :cry: This happened quite suddenly. The bike hasn't been serviced at all, but I did need to move the airbox a bit (not right off, just shoved aside a bit) to get access to fit the new ignition switch. Symptoms: - runs fine in normal riding - when I...
  18. Air leak in the exhaust system

    Africa Twin
    After carefully checking my new Remus GP exhaust I found out that there is an air leak between the silencer and the connecting pipe. Both are held together by two springs which are very tight but still air manages to escape and there is a black residue left around the connection. I've tried...
  19. XRV 750 Carb problems

    Africa Twin
    Fuel Erm tricky one that personally I would strip the car and go for the primarys? Thats assuming you have done the basic stuff like fuel filters ect? Might also be worth checking your air filter? You might have an air leak check your rubber seals this can causing symptomic fuel startion by...