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  1. Hi All, long time no see - jetting question on my RD04

    Africa Twin
    Hi - running standard carbs and airfilter but with very free flowing (fekin loud) exhaust - standard jetas are 118f 122r - whats the best guess to go up to? Put the 122 on the front carb and get a 125 on the rear? Wemoto only do them in .05 increments so it would have to be that or get 2 new...
  2. For Sale: Transalp 650 air filters

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a Hiflo (quality aftermarket) airfilter. Unused, in original packaging £18 posted* Genuine Honda airfilter, new in original packaging £22 posted* Fit all 650 Transalps. * Postage free unless you are privileged enough to live in the arse end of nowhere/expensive to post to then...
  3. help needed ,no tickover

    Dominator / FMX
    I cannot get my dominator engine to tick over at all,it runs ok when started on the choke and if I increase the idle speed screw but as soon as I try to lower the idle it tries to stall and spits back in the air cleaner then stops with a clank noise which I assume is the auto decompressor. I am...
  4. Need help with a complete service/part list before trip

    Africa Twin
    Hi all Got a XRV 750 RD07A from 2003 (49.000 KM on the clock) I bought the bike back in July and the servicehistory is not present so i need to give it a BIG service before my trip (around europe). My Honda mechanic have ask for a complete list of services/parts and this is where i need some...
  5. Popping on overrun.

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, had my RD07A for a carb tune because she was running extremely rich (black sparkplugs front and rear). Got her back and immediately on my way home, she was popping on decel. I've turned the pilot screws all wich ways with no luck. Had a proper look for air leaks (carb rubbers and...
  6. refit RD4 airfilter box Q

    Africa Twin
    What is the trick for getting the filter box into the frame? From left or right side or from the back? Don't want to take more things apart than nessesary.
  7. Jet size K&N + Arrow exhaust

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Last year I bought a 1990 RD04 but it has been running too rich. Removed the carbs to clean them out and have a closer look and found the previous owner put in 2x 130 main jets. Stock jets are 118 and 122. Needle is set 3th notch from the top. The jets are too large but what size should...
  8. Oil for foam filter ...

    Africa Twin
    Hi lads! I'm currently doing the big loop around northern Vietnam, and I've been riding on super dusty roads for about 10 days now. The big girl is starting to run slightly rough, and I'm thinking the airfilter could use a cleaning. I have a Pipercross foam filter, which is easy to clean, but...
  9. Airfilter

    Had the TA for six years now, thought I'd change the airfilter. not sure where the nuts came from, none in my garden.
  10. What power output does Honda claim for the 650 transalp?

    Our club had the use of a dyno for a few hours, and whilst the streetfighter riders with their tuned GSXRs and turbo'd bandits were most active on it, for a giggle I put my transalp 650 on. Ignition, carbs, exhaust airbox etc are completely stock, except it has a pipercross foam airfilter...
  11. Is there an aftermarket air filter for 650 Transalp? The holy grail is a washable one

    The paper element air filter in my 650 TA is on its last legs. I moved from the UK to Aus a few years ago, so I get to trailride in deserts occaisionally, which means that cleaning the airfilter can be a daily task as they get really clogged on the very dry dusty days. The ideal would be one...
  12. Has anyone used

    Mechanical Advice
    Evening all. Have been looking for an airfilter for my old 250 and these chaps DIY Spare Parts claim to have one (which Silver's and Wemoto don't). Apparently they operate out of Bristol but something about the site doesn't feel quite right. Has anyone had any experience of them? Thanks Giles
  13. Slow starting xl600v

    Spark plugs changed, airfilter changed, new batteri, emptied the drains at the button of carbs. Bike still takes a while to fire up. It turns fine, have to turn it quite a bit, perhaps 5-7 seconds before it fires up. Choke on full. It has gotten slightly worse as well, taking a little longer now...
  14. Oil in airbox?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi All, Ive just got round to replacing the oen airfilter, probably about 6k miles late, and the filter seemed lightly soiled with oil and the airbox had a small amount of residue collecting in one corner. Problem? Ive replaced it with a K&N and it makes so much difference but im not sure how...
  15. Use oil to grease pipercross airfilter?

    Mechanical Advice
    I have a Pipercross airfilter in my africa twin. When i bought the bike, i found out it wasnt oiled. I was told that the foam is so dense that oiling will only clogg the filter. But is this really the case, or should I use oil (ie. from K&N)?
  16. XR250 airbox & airfilter

    Hi Can anyone post some pictures of the inside of the airbox from their XR250R and also the air filter assembly, I've ordered a filter for my bike (XR250W) but it doesnt seem to fit, would be interested to see how the two bikes compare. Any recommendations on air filters, I bought a Finna...
  17. more bloody air-filter stuff.....

    Africa Twin
    anyone notice a difference between Pipercross/standard/K&m? time to replace..are they worth an extra £30 worth of Petrol/Beer?
  18. Making your own foam airfilter...?

    Mechanical Advice
    I like life-time air filters, I don't want to fiddle endlessly with carb settings, especially now I have the baffle out of the Arrow hence no K&N this time. So, I bought a sheet of 2-stage airfilter foam, and I will make a re-useable airfilter using my old filter's body with the paper element...
  19. Air filter

    In the next few weeks doing a service on the bike and the air filter needs changeing. So the question is, replace with hondas own or go for a KN or a Pipercross. If I go down the KN or Pipercross route is it just a matter of pay your money take your choice? From what I can see the both say they...
  20. Transalp 650 - KN airfilter

    Hello I have decided to buy a KN airfilter. My Haynes manual states that I need to remove the fairing and the fueltank before I can install the filter. Do I really have to remove the tank complete of the bike or is there a less timeconsuming way to do this? I do not like to remove the fuelline...