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  1. do the front scoops need to be blocked or open ?

    Hi, the front scoops on my bike are currently odd. 1 is blocked off, the other is open. How is it supposed to be ? by scoops i mean the cut aways under the front lamp on my 1996 Transalp. Could I fit spotlights in there without fear of disrupting airflow ? Thanks Chris
  2. xr600 airflow settings

    Hi all I'm new to the forum I got a xr600 in the garage not my first one its was left standing for about 4 years I have drained oil and petrol cleaned carb new spark plug new petrol now when u kick her up it will start then cut out after 2 or 3 secs the bike is memt to be a 1995 model I'm...
  3. Prepping the Vara

    Bodgers Corner
    Gradually coming together now for Morocco Trip less than 3 weeks away:p Scorpion Cans fitted (Steve T of this parrish should remember them. Had them in the cellar for several years now! Should scare the goats off the road:D Tube for fishing rods fixed to top-box. New Shortie screen bodged...
  4. Screens

    Hi All Don,t know if this is any interest to members who have problems with screen size and buffeting l had this problem myself until recently even though l had a large touring screen on that is until I discovered Givi Airflow screens as many members will know there isn't a screen to fit...
  5. Ta650 water temp gauge.....updates

    Hi guys.. well its known that the ta650 temp gauge dosent move much unless it is real hot..well I`ve been running mine without the infill panels that cover the fairing indicators etc.. As it still cool outside 4c I`m very supprised to report that the tem gauge now regularly goes upto a quarter...
  6. For Sale: 1999 triumph trophy 900

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    For sale is my T plate trophy 900.It is in excellent condition and has done 28300miles.Its taxed until Sept and tested to June. Valve clearances checked at 22k and were found to be in tolerance and air filter/box replaced at the same time,these have a service life of 12k. I have recently...
  7. Air intake resonator

    Africa Twin
    When I bought my 23yr old RD04 I had a few parts handed over with it. One of these parts was the air intake resonator box, which had been removed some time in the past by a previous owner. On checking through this forum I saw that there were several posts in the past. It appears that many owners...
  8. Upjetting a '99 XR250R

    A friend is running an aftermarket foam air filter & a pipe made by FMF which is an alloy oval version. On standard jetting it runs out of puff in top gear with road/SM gearing. I've been looking for an equivalent to the A16A needle from HRC that fits my XR400 to see if that will help but I...
  9. Maintenance/service time!

    The Alp has had a leaky rear rocker gasket for a while now, the replacement has sat in a bag in the garage for the last 9 months..... It is not unusual for these to start leaking with use/age - normally at the rear of the rear cylinder. The gaskets are not bad at about £14 (inc vat) I took an...
  10. 3 months with my TA700.

    I have had my 08, 700TA coming up for 3 months now. Second user and it had only 3600 miles on the clock when I got it. Now done 5280 and most of which has been on 3 camping weekends. I'm a late comer to proper motorcycling and did the direct access test 10 years ago. Previous bikes, Virago...
  11. TA600: Has anybody ever fitted a FOAM filter?

    I have some filter foam that I bought as a sheet, and I'm thinking of cutting up my old filter when I next replace it. I would then make a new, removable, foam filter sleeve to go over the old filter's frame. Do I need to rejet, or is the filter airflow similar to an OEM paper?
  12. For Sale: Xr spares

    For Sale / Wanted
    SPARE SEAT: i have a spare seat up in the loft, i cut down the foam on it to reduce ride height when i first got the bike it would need new foam for use or you will get severe arse ache there's nothing wrong with it other than a lack of foam. I'm open to any offer on that can post photo's at...
  13. What summer gloves

    My current summer gloves are wearing away after years of use. Or more accurately I've worn a hole in them where I grip them to pull them on. They are Joe Rocket Phoenix gloves which are an unfinished leather on the palms and fingers with mesh inserts between the fingers and on the back. They...
  14. Worn tappet adjuster screw

    Africa Twin
    Well, I remember a thread a while back... some guy had a hard time adjusting the valve freeplay at the front exhaust valve. He discovered that the tappet adjuster screw was badly worn possibly by the fact that it gets very hot and sits where the airflow is shielded by the frame... I checked...
  15. Tiger 800 luggage

    The local dealer had a fully kitted out Tiger 800xc at the official launch. I wanted to see how the panniers mounted. There are some very good mounting points on the frame and the pannier mounts neatly and unobtrusivly fit. Close inspection of the pannier mounts on the show bike seemed to show...
  16. Puig Screen Fitted to my 700

    After a period of deliberation I finally went the cheapo option (compared to the Honda touring screen) and bought a Puig tinted screen from eBay for my 700. It cost me £66 + postage, which was not a lot as it comes from Spain, which is where I was at the time. I brought it back to the UK in...
  17. Aftermarket parts

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, just been looking at the rugged roads website and a few things caught my eye upside : looks cool Africa Twin Fairing RD07/RD07A - Rally Light - Complete Kit - Detailed item view - RUGGED ROADS - Honda BMW KTM Motorcycle Accessory possible downside: horrendous wind blast at motorway...
  18. Sketch for dashboard plate

    Africa Twin
    Hey lads, This is a sketch of a dashboard plate I'm fiddling with, meant to clean up the cockpit a little visually, and also allow for a switch for the 2 Vision X Solstice LED light I plan to mount on the tripmaster bracket and stick through the windscreen. I'm working on a smaller...
  19. What is a resonator and does my AT need one?

    Africa Twin
    Cos I am taking it off. Due to my new rec/reg (FH012AA) NOT fitting to the original mounts (well it does but the plugs foul the sidepanel lug) I am going to remove the resonator and fit the new rec/reg to the top of the mudguard under the sadle just behind the CDI. Not ideal but I will space it...
  20. Sold: Coleman Avior X2 Tent

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, Declutering the Garage,something has to go and have a new tarp and bivy:D Used for 2 nights in France so as new really great for traveling light and small. Coleman Avior X2 Tent Ultra compact, stable and lightweight, this 2 person tent will suit the most demanding biker The...