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  1. Africa Twin
    Poxy seat on the rd07 is the most uncomfortable thing I've ever had the displeasure of sitting on, soooo what are my options? Wait for one to come up secondhand? Spend a fortune on Corbin or top sellerie? Has anyone used the polish lad on eBay that charges 90 quid? I've already got an...
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    Just before I order one is anyone selling a Airhawk 2 small cruiser to fit the Africa Twin seat please? There was a discount code but damned if I can find it!
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD In Ireland but can post. good condition no straps (they are rubbish anyway...) i used my own. Very comfortable in use and essy to set-up. looking for €40
  4. Transalp
    There doesn't appear to be an aftermarket comfy seat option for the 650? General comment appears to be use an Airhawk for longer journeys. Question is has anybody ever tried fitting an airhawk IN a saddle? I do like to tinker:D:D:D
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a Airhawk 2 size small if anyone has one sitting in the cupboard.
  6. Discounts / Deals
    Just had an email from bykebitz offering the following discounts: Givi V46 N/NT and V35 N/NT Over 15% off code GIV03 10% off Givi monoracks (no code for that) 15% off Ortlieb bags (again no code) 10% off Trax EVO side cases and boxes code TRAX03 20% off Airhawk. Neoprene Cruiser medium and...
  7. Discounts / Deals
    Bykebitz have sent me an email with a number of discount codes 10% off Interphone coupon code: INT10 15% off Givi coupon code: GIV5 10% OFF Helibars - Coupon Code: HEL10 10% Airhawk Premium/ Neoprene - Coupon Code: AIR10 15% OFF Furygan Clothing - Coupon Code: FUR15 10% OFF Bags Connection...
  8. For Sale / Wanted
    *SOLD* Bought this and used the once for a trip to ride down to the HUMM and back from Portsmouth. Pretty much good as new and in original box. £50 posted, payment by PayPal gift or cheque please. Official blurb below: AIRHAWK CRUISER SMALL (polyurethane one) - Motorcycle Seat Cushion with...
  9. Transalp
    Thinking of getting an airhawk. Just wondered what size people would recommend for the tranny? Thankyou please!:blob2:
  10. Riding
    Two so far: 1. Too much air squeezes yer nadgers. Hot weather makes them inflate, the seat that is.... 2. They are damned dangerous off roading. I had my front end washout today in a deep watersplash and as I stuck my LH foot down, the bloody Airhawk slipped off ..... by the time I realised...
  11. Varadero
    Ok starting to think about my age now and TLD. Have the zimmer frame and the tea tray strapped on the varadero but need to take care of the old piles (yew too much information I know) so what is the best size / shape airhawk? Cruiser medium size? Or the big cruiser one?
  12. Travel
    Hi folks, I'm considering getting an airhawk seat for my @ for TLD. There's 2 types available, neoprene and polymer (which is half the price at £79). Anyone know the pro's & con's of each? And are they really as comfy as the hype says? Many thanks :thumb:
  13. Africa Twin
    Hi, this is my first time I have ever interacted with any web site chatty thing, so if I screw up please feel free to hurl abuse. I spotted an earlier thread about Airhawks and what size should they buy, so I thought this might be of some use to any one with a little madness. I went to a...
  14. Africa Twin
    I think the second half of my last question was missed, for the people who have an africa twin and an airhawk what size do you use? The small or medium seems right, but which one best suits the seat, it is hard to make out from the photos. Thank you, George
  15. For Sale / Wanted
    Medium Cruise Airhawk seat, comes with straps, boxed, instructions etc. Will fit most rider & pillion uses. As new £40 posted Phil
  16. Transalp
    any guidance on which size fits a 650v please ? Also, is there much difference in the "budget" and "premium" ? Any verdicts on these .vs. a seat rebuild welcome too
  17. The Longest Day
    Went out for a run to squires today with 3 mates, i tried out one of them airhawk cushions for the first time and i've gotta say they're not bad what a difference it made cause... been going out training for the longest day and i've been finding i get real trouble in the backside department...
  18. Mechanical Advice
    Bought a couple of these & heres my verdict after 5k, yes, they delay onset of 'numb bumb' time but who the h*ll designed the things???? A motorcycle 'comfort' seat that is made of some super absorbent material, yes, I always find it comfortable having a cold wet a*se :confused: Cold wind in...
  19. Product Reviews
    I originally bought my Airhawk for the Africa Twin, but just as I ordered it I decided to change to a BMW GS so my Airhawk has been installed on my BMW 1150GS for the last few years. So what's it like..... well it's outstanding. In my opinion of course. I'm well aware that no everyone get's on...
  20. Mechanical Advice
    I came home in absolutely pissing down rain on Friday, was out all day saturday and when I came to do a service on my bike today my airhawk seat was still absolutely sodden wet through. This would have been pretty horrible if I had been going out on it, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a...
1-20 of 25 Results