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  1. Airhead on a diet

    From: ϟ Hell Kustom ϟ: BMW R75/6 By Mokka Cycles
  2. Fizzle, sizzle and hiss

    is the noise my airhead make since it was washed last week. Water is sitting in the gap between the rocker cover and head (above the centre bolt) and slowly boiling away. Now without taking the cover off again for a look, should there be a way for the water to escape or does it just sit there...
  3. Painting wheels

    Mechanical Advice
    So the wheels for the old airhead are away at the blasters and I'll be needing to apply soome paint when they return. What's the latest recommendations on paint. Previously I've just used car body paints and lacquer but I see there are a few wheels specific paints by duplicolour, simoniz and...
  4. Sold: BMW Paralever Airhead Wheels

    For Sale / Wanted
    Front and rear wheels suitable for a paralever model airhead, Akront rims laced to original BMW hubs with stainless steel spokes, front 19" 2.5, rear 18" 3.5, £195 posted.
  5. R100 RS Cafe Racer

    Been asked for a picture of my Cafe Racer and seeing it's based on an Airhead thought it best to post it in here. Excuse the intrusion :D
  6. Some Airheads

    I thought I just share some pictures capturing a bunch of Airheads, that I found on the net. For more info go to: - Von do no do - ein G/S Umbaubericht
  7. Another Airhead

    Do You cope with seeing another Airhead? From this Blogspot: Superpantah: Gelände / Straße
  8. Nikon Canon Airhead Oil head

    Now Sean, I'm ready for your response:D This is just a personal observation. But, I feel Nikon had the greatest manual cameras. When autofocus came along, I feel Canon knocked them off their perch. I feel the same way with BMW. The new bikes are great, but general reliability wise, I feel the...
  9. o'haulin the airhead gspd

    Other Bikes
    Not sure how many members here have airheads but I've seen a few oilheads on the sig lines. For those of you who own one or have rode a gs you know how addicting the smooth shaft drive can be. The airhead comes with a price as they have issues with the tranny bearings, drive shaft u joint...