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  1. For Sale: 2003 BMW F650GS Dakar For Sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Really is sold this time :thumbup: Steve T :cool:
  2. Celeb Spotting

    At Glasgow Airport last week....
  3. Trail bike hire in Central France, Limousin

    New for summer 2014, Ridelimousin is now offering trail bike hire as well as guided trail riding tours. You can fly into Limoges airport from the UK and we can provide airport pickup, protective clothing and everything you need! Please see our website for more info and prices. A few pics of...
  4. New York, New York - Hotels?

    We will be flying into New York on Saturday 3rd May and picking our bike up on Monday 5th May so looking for recommendations for somewhere to stay in or very near to New York for two nights. Must be reasonably convenient (bus, Train or Taxi) for JFK Airport and not outrageously expensive...
  5. Sub. Sun, sun !

    Hello all from sunny Oz. Just waiting in the VIP Lounge at Brisbane airport for our flight to Auckland. Had a 2 day stopover at Singapre and 2days here, where it is a comfortable 30 to 32 degrees C Had the obligatory Singapore Sling at a raffles, and yes, I threw my peanut shells on the...
  6. The downsides of cheap air travel?

    BBC News - Naked urinating Manchester Airport passenger Tasered
  7. Is that a gun in your pocket?

    Daily Star: Simply The Best 7 Days A Week :: News :: Man with world's largest penis stopped by airport security
  8. Stansted Airport parking (a long shot I know!)

    Hi Guys, Off to visit the parents the first week in August, Stansted to Ancona, Anyone got enough room on there drive (or street) for an Alfa 159? for a week Either within taxi distance of the airport, or prepared to give us a lift? (2 adults 2 kids, plus minimal luggage) I'm within 15 mins of...
  9. Vader on holiday

    At a Greek Airport: > Immigration official - "Nationality?" > Vader - "German" > Immigration official - "Occupation?" > Vader - "No, just a holiday" :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  10. Edinburgh Airport - parking?

    This is kind of a long shot I suppose but I don't know of another place to ask and Edinburgh Airport's own website isn't much help, with precisely one occurrence of the word 'motorbike' in the entire site. Does anyone know if there is any dedicated parking for motorbikes at the place? I've...
  11. Security during holidays

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi guys, I just got a 2001 Transalp - my first serious bike and so far I 'm very happy with it. To secure it I bought an abus disc lock (with alarm) plus an almax chain and anchor but unfortunately the bike will not fit in my front garden which means it stays on the road and the anchor is not...
  12. Whose Transalp is in Glasgow airport?

    I make the weekly commute to and from Glasgow airport and there is always a new-ish transalp parked a few spaces from mine, is it anyones here? It would be good to meet up with a few XRV members north of the border for ride outs and general socialising, as most stuff seems to occur down south...
  13. parking at manchester airport

    Hi all. Im off on my Honeymoon :D:D on Thursday but as well as parking the car at Manchester airport i also need to park the bike as when me and the new Mrs Richardson land we are both off in different directions, Her north and me south (bloody work). So as it says dose anyone know a cheap but...
  14. Vulcan resteration trust @ Southend Airport August 12th

    The Vulcan Restoration Trust is holding an Open Day at Southend Airport on Saturday 12th August. The Trust owns and maintains the former Royal Air Force Vulcan aircraft that has been at the airport since 1986 and all money raised by the event will go towards the aircraft’s ongoing upkeep. The...