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  1. Akito Desert or Spada Adventure

    Hello All. i am looking at one of the two adventure jackets, but would appreciate some advice or comments please
  2. Akito evo desert jacket

    Anyone had one? Look good value for money.
  3. Akito Desert suits

    Ok, now I've found the right forum for these questions, (sorry mods!) what about these Akito desert suits? I'm not sure about the trousers as textile trousers make my ass look big! The Vara's got a big enough ass without me copying it! The jacket looks smart though, anyone got one? I might...
  4. Akito jackets

    Hi all I am considering buying an Akito Desert jacket now that I have ... ahem.... outgrown my old one. Searching the forum I get the impression that the quality will be OK for the price, but I am just wondering about the sizing :confused: I went to Hein Gerricke and tried on a whole bunch...
  5. Akito Motorcycle clothing

    Clothing Have been looking at this on ebay, after seeing it on Sunday in local shop, anyone any thoughts or experience with Akito, is it good...
  6. Opinion about Akito Desert.

    Hi, does anybody is using Akito Desert trousers and jacket ? I've got BF Desert and it looks almost the same as Akito Desert, but I'm not sure that quality of Akito is the same because it's much cheaper than BF. Do You have some experience with this clothes ?? Greetengs from Poland and sorry...