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    I'm off to Devon for a week then across to see family in the St Albans area, I'm treating myself to a new set of gloves, thinking SMX, are they any decent bike shops down that way ?????? cheers
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    my insurance wont let me drive due to the cast on my arm/hand and my bike is written off resulting in me having to rely on public transport. i have had to go from welwyn garden city to st albans this week which is a 7 mile journey and it costs 8 friggin quid for a 1 day return!!!! now not...
  3. News
    The campaign to encourage biking, Get On, says changes in Alistair Darling’s budget mean the self-employed buying a motorcycle for work can put the whole cost against tax. For higher rate taxpayers with could result in savings of 40% of the cost of a new bike. It would still wipe off more...
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    What exactly is 'Furious driving' (see - offence code DD90)? Is it driving when you're in a really bad mood? :D I got stopped yesterday evening in the car. There's a stretch of road (Coopers Green...
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    hi all Well on sunday went in to halford's St Albans, just to have a look around and found they are doing the Garmin Quest for £149.99 That a steal.... so i bought one... so if you after one my be you better run :clock: well that my public anounsement for now . regards Andrew AT 99'...
1-5 of 7 Results